Benefits of USSINGITE

Crystal Therapy


Lavender-violet purple, pinky-beige, dark red       


Mottled opaque stone    




Greenland, Russia, Canada           

ATTRIBUTES Ussingite is a colour-specific stone, the light bright violet and purple forms being high-vibrational' and the murky pinky-beige carrying a much denser vibration with a completely different effect.

Spiritually, ethereal violet Ussingite emanates serenity and vibrates at the frequency of spiritual purification. By opening an expanded state of awareness and forming an access point to celestial crystals in other dimensions, violet Ussingite instantly creates a vibrational shift in the frequency of the subtle bodies, awakening the light body" and bringing it into alignment with the Higher Self. This colour opens the higher crown chakras and spiritual vision, and acts as a communicator with the angelic realms and spirit guides so that actions are guided by spiritual wisdom and people are irresistibly attracted to you. The deeper and denser Russian purple Ussingite takes you travelling through multi-dimensions and, although it does not reach the highest frequencies of ethereal violet Ussingite, it brings some high frequencies into form.

Pinky-beige Ussingite awakens the unawakened soul, but conversely, in those who have made the vibrational shift, pulls back to a denser vibration, closing the connection with higher frequencies. With an unawakened soul, it brings about a shift that is sufficient for the soul to realize that work is required to rectify karmic' deficiencies, ingrained beliefs - no matter how spiritual these may appear- and behaviours that are holding it back from spiritual progression. However, pinky-beige Ussingite cannot assist that soul in instantly shifting to the highest vibrations.

Pinky-beige Ussingite facilitates emotional independence and autonomy, stimulating the realization that you alone are responsible for creating and maintaining well-being and happiness. All Ussingite assists in clearing the ties to anyone on whom you are over-dependent or co-dependent.

Deep red Ussingite dissolves blockages in the base and sacral chakras, neutralizing old anger, and awakens these chakras to an in flooding of kundalini energy that creates a level of profound sexual sharing and personal creativity not previously available to the soul. If a stone combining violet and red is placed on the dantien, it purifies, re-energizes and attunes to the universal kundalini force.

HEALING Works best beyond the physical vibration to heal the soul and the light body, supports the liver and blood purification and stabilizes blood pressure.

POSITION Wear or place as appropriate.


Ussingite with Tugtupite is a useful combination to open and protect the heart seed chakra at the base of the breastbone. It clears past-life connections and outgrown soul contracts, facilitating lodging the Higher Self energies within the heart and linking it to the pink flame of universal heart. Use to support the soul in anchoring itself fully in incarnation.


Ussingite in Sodalite enhances the ability of Sodalite to harness logic to intuition and anchor the higher mind into the physical, enabling you to view matters from the perspective of an illumined mind. It highlights and removes any ingrained spiritual beliefs that no longer serve you. 

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