Automotive Body Repair

  • Career advice on Automotive Body Repair Auto body technicians restore damaged automobiles to original conditions. They straighten bent structures, remove dents, and replace damaged parts. They use special equipment to straighten frames and......More

Career advice on Automotive Technology

  • Career advice on Automotive Technology Auto mechanics use diagnostic equipment to determine malfunctions and mechanical problems in automobiles. They adjust, repair, or replace parts as needed. Generalists are interested in overall auto......More

Aviation Maintenance Technology

  • Career advice on Aviation Maintenance Technology Aviation maintenance technicians maintain, inspect, and repair aircraft components. They dismantle engines, check for damage, and replace worn parts. They inspect aircraft structures for signs......More

Career on Bookkeeping

  • Career Advice on Bookkeeping Bookkeepers record and classify business data. They post transactions to journals and ledgers. They may also do payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cost accounting record keeping. They may work as......More

Career on Broadcasting Communications

  • Career Advice on Broadcasting Communications Broadcasters are the voice of radio and television stations. They deliver news and live commercials, introduce programs, and play recorded music. Some broadcasters may act as talk show hosts,......More

Career on Broadcasting Technology

  • Career Advice on Broadcasting Technology Broadcast technicians operate and maintain radio and television transmission equipment. They also operate and maintain equipment used to regulate sound and picture quality. They operate audio mixers,......More

Career in Business Management

  • Career in Business Management Business managers normally work in small companies or stores. They man- age people and resources, supervise workers, and develop work schedules. They may also be involved with professional selling. Business......More

Career in Cabinet making

  • Career in Cabinet making Cabinetmakers cut, shape, and assemble parts to form furniture, office equipment, and cabinets. They also repair damaged furniture. Cabinetmakers read blueprints, estimate construction costs, select materials, and......More

Career in Carpentry

  • Career in Carpentry Carpenters build and repair buildings. They build forms, walls, roofs, and trims. Rough-work carpenters build frames, joints, and rafters. Finish-work carpenters work on appearance products such as paneling and floors.......More

Career in Computer Maintenance

  • Career in Computer Maintenance Computer maintenance technicians install and maintain computer systems. They diagnose, repair, and calculate information-gathering systems. They apply troubleshooting procedures to determine malfunctions in......More

Career in Construction Technology

  • Career in Construction Technology Construction technicians work on commercial, industrial, and residential building sites and on civil engineering projects. They help plan and control building details and coordinate the work of......More

Career in Cosmetology and Barbering

  • Career in Cosmetology and Barbering Cosmetologists shampoo, cut, and style hair. They provide cosmetic care for the face, hands, arms, skin, and hair. Cosmetologists also provide makeup analysis for clients and act as beauty consultants.......More

Career in Court Reporting

  • Career in Court Reporting Court reporters maintain verbatim records of legal proceedings. Using short- hand typing machines, they may work as courtroom reporters or in law firms. They may also do freelance reporting of wills and other......More

Career in Dairy Products Management

  • Career in Dairy Products Management Dairy technicians work in the area of dairy husbandry. They breed and raise dairy cattle, maintain an environment that is healthful for the herds, and supervise the daily milking of the cows. They may......More

Career in Dance Instruction

  • Career in Dance Instruction Dance instructors teach dancing in private studios and community recreation centers. They may specialize in specific dance routines, such as ball- room, jazz, or Latin. Some dance instructors teach dance as......More

Career in Dental Assistance

  • Career in Dental Assistance Dental assistants assist dentists in the treatment of patients. They greet patients and make them comfortable, X-ray the patients' mouths and develop the films, assist the dentist, and prepare fillings. Dental......More

Career in Dental Technology

  • Career in Dental Technology Dental technicians make dentures, fabricate crowns and inlays, and construct bridges. They also make orthodontic braces. They create delicate dental pieces with their hands, using small instruments. Dental......More

Career in Diesel Technology

  • Career in Diesel Technology Diesel mechanics test, adjust, and repair diesel engines. They conduct diagnostic tests and repair and replace parts as needed. Mechanics maintain and repair transmissions, brakes, and lifting units. They may work......More

Career in Dietetic Technology

  • Career in Dietetic Technology Dietetic technicians assist dieticians in planning meals. They are generally responsible for food purchases, and they may supervise the preparation and serving of food. They implement dietary plans developed by......More

Career in Drafting Technology

  • Career in Drafting Technology Drafting technicians produce drawings that show dimensions and specifications based on rough sketches, specifications, and calculations submitted by engineers, designers, or architects. They may use either......More

Career in Electrician

  • Career in Electrician Electricians work on building sites and follow blueprints to install wiring in buildings. They plan and estimate contracts and materials, select and purchase materials, and install the wiring systems. Electricians may......More

Career in Electronics Repair

  • Career in Electronics Repair Electronics technicians diagnose and repair electrical and electronic equipment malfunctions. They may troubleshoot and repair televisions, radios, videocassette recorders, and other electronics equipment. Some......More

Career in Electronics Technology

  • Career in Electronics Technology Electronics technicians develop, test, manufacture, and service electronic equipment. They work from schematics created by engineers to build prototype equipment. Technicians may inspect and test electronic......More

Career in Emergency Medical Technology

  • Career in Emergency Medical Technology Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) travel to emergencies to assist sick or injured people. They evaluate patients' conditions and administer emergency care. They maintain this treatment until the......More

Career in Engineering Technology

  • Career in Engineering Technology Engineering technicians assist engineers in planning and designing. They estimate costs, prepare materials specifications, and create engineering drawings. They may also assist contractors in scheduling......More

Career in Environmental Technology

  • Career in Environmental Technology Environmental technology professionals work in several areas related to pollution control. Solid-waste management technicians operate and maintain sanitation and public health facilities and waste treatment......More

Career in Farm Management

  • Career in Farm Management Farm managers work in the area of livestock and crop management. They test and fertilize soils as needed and build irrigation and drainage systems. They work to stimulate crop improvements through fertilizer and......More

Career in Fashion Design Technology

  • Career in Fashion Design Technology Fashion design technicians create original fashion styles by drawing sketches or draping mannequins. They may work as custom sewers or tailors. They measure clients for proper fit, cut fabrics, and sew......More

Career in Fashion Merchandising

  • Career in Fashion Merchandising Fashion merchandisers design, buy, and sell fashion merchandise. They select products, set pricing guidelines, develop fashion displays, and supply retail clothing products to the public. They may be employed......More

Career in Fire Science

  • Career in Fire Science Firefighters operate complex fire fighting equipment in order to extinguish fires. They may enter buildings in search of trapped people. Firefighters may also work as building inspectors, arson investigators, and in......More

Career in Food Service

  • Career in Food Service Food service professionals plan menus, purchase food supplies, and super- vise food preparation. They ensure that meals are well prepared, properly cooked, and attractively presented. They are skilled in food cost......More

Career in Graphic Arts

  • Career in Graphic Arts Graphic artists find career opportunities in advertising agencies and promotion programs. They create the visual effects for brochures, prospectus material, billboards, and other advertising functions. Not all......More

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technology

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technology HV AC technicians perform many tasks related to the installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Technicians may calculate heating and......More

Career in Heavy-Equipment Operations

  • Career in Heavy-Equipment Operations Heavy-equipment operators run machines used to move earth and materials, erect steel beams and guides, and other associated tasks in construction. They may operate bulldozers, cranes, earth movers, or......More

Career in Hotel Management

  • Career in Hotel Management Hotel managers oversee hotel reservations and rentals, housekeeping, and food and beverage operations. They develop advertising, publicity, and personnel policies. Hotel managers plan dining room, bar, and banquet......More

Career in Information Technology and Data Processing

  • Career in Information Technology and Data Processing Information technicians enter data into computer systems and operate computers and associated equipment. They operate and apply software systems. Some technicians design systems for......More

Career in Interior Design

  • Career in Interior Design Interior designers make residential, commercial, and public areas more attractive and functional. They plan layouts, color schemes, and furnishings; purchase furnishings; and supervise workers in the implementation......More

Career in Jewelry Design and Metal Smithing

  • Career in Jewelry Design and Metal Smithing Jewelry designers create original designs and work gemstones, gold, silver, and other materials into rings, necklaces, and other types of jewelry. They usually work for a jewelry company or own......More

Career in Journalism

  • Career in Journalism Journalists search out news and write newspaper and magazine stories about newsworthy events. Journalists may also work in radio or television newsgathering. Journalists are typically assigned areas of news to cover.......More

Career in Law Enforcement

  • Career in Law Enforcement Law enforcement professionals may work in many fields. Some professionals will work on state, county, and local police forces as patrolmen, detectives, or administrators. Other professionals may work for private......More

Career in Library-Media Technology

  • Career in Library-Media Technology Library technicians support professional librarians in libraries, information centers, and corporate libraries. They catalog books, films, and other library supplies; maintain library records systems; and......More

Career in Machine Technology

  • Career in Machine Technology Machinists work from blueprints to select, set up, and operate production metal working machines to machine metal parts. They may also use heat treating techniques if required. They operate a variety of machining......More

Career in Manufacturing Technology

  • Career in Manufacturing Technology Manufacturing technicians assist engineers in developing, designing, and planning the production of industrial and consumer goods. They draw and design parts and products from engineers' specifications.......More

Career in Mechanical Technology

  • Career in Mechanical Technology Mechanical technicians assist engineers in designing products. They work out manufacturing procedures, material selection and costs, and production schedules. Mechanical technicians may operate machining......More

Career in Medical Assistant

  • Career in Medical Assistant Medical assistants help doctors treat patients. They help doctors perform clinical and administrative tasks, maintain patient records, handle correspondence, schedule appointments, and prepare billing statements.......More

Career in Medical- Dental Secretary

  • Career in Medical- Dental Secretary Medical and dental secretaries make patient appointments, schedule patient tests and hospital admissions, and maintain patient records. They may take health histories from patients. Secretaries also handle......More

Career in Medical Technology

  • Career in Medical Technology Medical technicians perform chemical, microbiologic, and microscopic tests on patient specimens. They collect the specimens and examine and analyze the test results. They may prepare slides and isolate chemical......More

Career in Nurse Aide

  • Career in Nurse Aide Nurse's aides make patients comfortable by providing basic care. They answer patient calls; serve meals; feed, bathe, and dress patients; and change bed linens. They may also take patient temperatures, give massages,......More

Career in Nursing, Licensed Practical

  • Career in Nursing, Licensed Practical Licensed practical nurses assist in the care and treatment of patients. They take temperatures and blood pressures, change dressings, and administer medication. Licensed practical nurses assist in......More

Career in Paralegal Services

  • Career in Paralegal Services Legal assistants assist attorneys in case research, document preparation, compiling client histories, and investigations. They research and prepare le- gal briefs for attorneys, and write personal and legal......More

Career in Photography

  • Career in Photography Photographers work in many different environments to photograph people, places, and objects. Photographers usually specialize in fields of photography. Portrait photographers specialize in portraits, weddings, and other......More

Career in Plastics Technology

  • Career in Plastics Technology Plastics technicians manufacture, extrude, and mold plastics for use in engineering applications. They assist design engineers in developing product molds and assist process engineers in developing optimum......More

Career in Plumbing

  • Career in Plumbing Plumbers install piping systems that carry steam, air, water, chemicals, and gases through structures. They may be self-employed contractors or work for other contractors. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS Some plumbers......More

Career in Printing Technology

  • Career in Printing Technology Printing technicians create type composition, do copy preparation, layout and design, paste-up, and phototypesetting. Printing technicians also do plate making, presswork, and binding. Printing technicians may......More

Career in Radiological Technology

  • Career in Radiological Technology Radiological technicians X-ray patients for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. They operate specialized equipment and administer contrast agents orally or in enemas to make the patients' organs visible......More

Career in Real Estate

  • Career in Real Estate Real-estate agents appraise, buy, and sell land and buildings. They maintain a knowledge of current property values, show properties to clients, arrange for financing, and manage title transfers. Many real-estate agents......More

Career in Retailing and Marketing

  • Career in Retailing and Marketing Marketers work in a variety of fields. They may do marketing research, product testing, advertising, sales promotions, or direct sales. Employment opportunities may be found in advertising agencies, direct......More

Career in Secretarial Science

  • Career in Secretarial Science Secretaries schedule appointments, screen telephone calls, and transcribe and type letters and documents. They coordinate special functions, take dictation, and greet visitors. Some secretaries may do general......More

Career in Surgical Technology

  • Career in Surgical Technology Surgical technicians assist surgeons in operating rooms. They prepare surgical equipment, instruments, operating-room lights, tables, and other equipment. They prepare patients for surgery and function as......More

Career in Surveying

  • Career in Surveying Surveyors measure construction sites, help establish official land boundaries, and assist in setting land values. They collect information for maps and charts and use precise instruments to map the earth's contours,......More

Career in Telecommunications Technology

  • Career in Telecommunications Technology Telecommunications technicians may work in specialized areas of telecommunications. Aircraft electronics technicians install and maintain aircraft communications and navigations systems. Broadcast......More

Career in Tool and Die Design

  • Career in Tool and Die Design Tool and die designers conceive and develop designs for machinery and equipment. They draw designs for various fixtures, jugs, and molds. They estimate costs and equipment life. They also estimate tools......More

Career in Transportation Management

  • Career in Transportation Management Transportation managers work in transportation, warehousing, and inventory management. They work with freight carriers, shipping companies, and freight warehouse’s. They interpret freight tariffs and......More

Career in Travel and Tourism

  • Career in Travel and Tourism Travel agents assist travelers in making travel plans, arranging trips for business and pleasure, and obtaining tickets and reservations. They conduct travel tours, do travel promotion and exhibits, and sell......More

Career in Truck Driving

  • Career in Truck Driving Truck drivers haul cargo over long and short distances. They check the condition of the truck before and while traveling and may perform maintenance as needed. Truck drivers ensure that trucks are properly loaded and......More

Career in Welding Technology

  • Career in Welding Technology Welders follow blueprints to cut, fabricate, weld, and braze metals together. They may operate sheers, rolls, drills, and brakes to fabricate parts. They may operate hoists and cranes to handle heavy objects.......More

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