Myths Regarding Group Discussion

  • Myths Regarding Group Discussion The following misconceptions or myths should be removed to succeed in a Group Discussion. 1. You Should be Aggressive: Most candidates go to a group discussion with the false notion that they must grab......More

Prerequisites of a Group Discussion

  • Prerequisites of a Group Discussion Once you are aware about the myths, the next important thing is the essential requirements for success in a group discussion. Listed below are some of the prerequisites that need to be inculcated: 1.......More

Discussion on Global Warming

  • Global Warming An environmental hazard, global warming has been causing great anxiety to mankind because the blanket of --greenhouse gases is becoming thicker due to the assimilation of carbon dioxide and other noxious gases in the......More

Discussion on Inflation

  • Inflation In simple language, inflation is the rate at which prices increase annually. Essentially, prices go up due to two factors: a. Cost-push factors Cost-push factor inflation occurs when there is an increase in the cost of......More

Discussion on Generic Drug

  • Generic Drug A generic drug is a medicine not covered by a patent. A patent is granted to an individual or a company that discovers a new drug. The patent is a means of rewarding innovation as it prevents the discovery from being replicated......More

Discussion on Pension Reforms

  • Pension Reforms Pension reforms have taken centre-stage in recent years for a number of reasons. Thanks to the dramatic improvement in health- care, people are living for a longer period of time. An increased lifespan is now a global......More

Discussion on Takeover Code

  • Takeover Code The Takeover Code is a set of regulations under the SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) Act, which determines whether or not the acquisition of shares in a company amounts to an attempt to takeover. The need for a code......More

Discussion on Criminalisation of Politics

  • Criminalisation of Politics......More

Discussion on Uniform Civil Code

  • Uniform Civil Code The Shah Bano case brought the issue of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) into the limelight and the recent judgement of the Apex Court, suggesting that the Government implement the UCC, has once again re-ignited a serious......More

Discussion on Caste Problem

  • Caste Problem The caste system is based on the principle of inequality. It believes that some people are higher in status and better endowed than others. The so-called higher castes are considered to have better intelligence and entitled to......More

Discussion on Sex Education

  • Sex Education It is interesting that while India has made huge strides in science, medicine, business and weapons, the word "sex" still remains a taboo, with the topic discussed in hushed tones. The amusing thing is that with......More

Discussion on National Character

  • National Character If we consider the progress and development of countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan et al. in the past fifty years, we find that these countries have made tremendous strides, whereas a country as vast as ours......More

Discussion on Society and Corruption

  • Society and Corruption The most commonly talked about topic in India is corruption, but it is also the only topic that does not have any conclusion. In fact, corruption has very much become a part of the system and removing it is a Herculean......More

Discussion on Patent

  • Patent The Concise Oxford Dictionary describes a patent as "a government grant of exclusive privilege of making or selling a new invention ". And patent law can be termed a super- specialised branch that requires sound technical......More

Discussion on AIDS

  • AIDS Recognised as an emerging disease only in the 1980s, AIDS or Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome has rapidly become endemic with serious implications worldwide. AIDS has infected an estimated 40 million in less than 20 years. AIDS is......More

Discussion on Constitutional Reforms

  • Constitutional Reforms The Indian Constitution is an amalgamation of borrowings from the West, primarily the UK. The framework was the Government of India Act, 1935, a British handiwork designed to administer its colony better. Around this......More

Discussion on Womens Power

  • Women's Power Indian society is male dominant and feudalistic, where women are not only looked down upon, but also widely discriminated against. Women are denied basic social and domestic rights due to gender bias. Many women are......More

Discussion on Co-education

  • Co-education This is a system of education where boys and girls study together. Indian society is a conservative society to a large extent and co- education helps break this conservative attitude to some extent. In a country that still......More

Discussion on Smaller States

  • Smaller States Right from the 1950s, an issue of national debate and concern is the formation of smaller states. Are they better for good governance of the country or will they prove to be a hurdle? With regional aspirations soaring, it is......More

Discussion on Panchayati Raj

  • Panchayati Raj India still lives in villages. Therefore, the villages have to be properly governed if India is to progress. There are more than 600,000 villages in India with UP having the highest number of around 501 blocks and over 450......More

Discussion on Disinvestment Policy

  • Disinvestment Policy Disinvestment is a form of privatisation whereby the Government sells its stake in Public Sector Units (PSUs) to the private sector. Since the mid-1990s, the Government has been on a major disinvestment drive to cut its......More

Discussion on Child Labour

  • Child Labour This implies getting a child less than 14 years of age to work, especially by paying him or her a pittance. On October 14, '99, the Government passed a one-line notification under Article 309, which reads: "No......More

Impact of Globalisation

  • Impact of Globalisation Globalisation is the result of privatisation and the opening up of a country's economy to outside companies. But its meaning has been misinterpreted from time to time and the term evokes several concerns. People......More

Discussion on Impact of New Exim Policy

  • Impact of New Exim Policy The Government has dismantled the system of quantitative restrictions (QRs) on imports and announced a strategy to promote agricultural exports as a step towards achieving a one percent share in global trade. With......More

Discussion on Prohibition

  • Prohibition The term' Prohibition' denotes a ban on the sale and consumption of liquor. The consumption of liquor in India is very high, with the vast majority consuming country liquor or 'hooch'. The word Prohibition first......More

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTST)

  • Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTST) The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on September 10, 1996. It is yet to come into force as India and Pakistan - listed amongst a group of 44 countries -......More

Discussion on Article 356

  • Article 356 In the Indian Constitution, Article 356 has been used and misused the most number of times. The Article relates to the dismissal of a State Government by the Centre if it feels that there is total anarchy in the State. However,......More

Discussion on Disaster Management

  • Disaster Management On the 26th January 2001 while the nation was celebrating Republic Day, a devastating earthquake struck Bhuj in Gujarat killing tens of thousands and causing incalculable damage to business and property. This has once......More

Discussion on Indian Cinema

  • Indian Cinema Cinema is the cheapest and best mode of mass entertainment in India. It is also the biggest medium of entertainment and right from top-notch businessman to the common man on the street, cinema touches all lives and for three......More

Discussion on Liberalisation

  • Liberalisation From 1950 till date, the era of liberalisation has seen Indian business come of age. A measure of change that has taken place in the structure and dynamics of the Indian industrial sector over the last two decades is the fact......More

Genome Opening of a New Life

  • Genome- Opening of a New Life Besides stumbling on to new sights about what human beings are made up of, the latest findings on the nature of the human genome have thrown a few old ideas out of the window. The human genome shows that humans......More

Information Technology Revolution

  • Information Technology Revolution The new millennium saw another revolution in the history of mankind - the information technology (IT) revolution. IT is the fastest growing field in the world. India has a major stake in this field and our......More

Discussion on The Internet

  • The Internet This is a network of networks; the global linking of tens of thousands of businesses, universities and research organisations which millions of individuals use. The Internet originated in 1969, thanks to the US military, as a......More

Discussion on Social and Economic Reforms

  • Social and Economic Reforms In India, social reforms go as far back as Gautam Buddha, one of the greatest social and religious reformers the world has ever produced. He opposed the supremacy of an individual based on birth or caste. He took......More

Discussion on Terrorism

  • Terrorism The term 'terror' means to instil fear in a person by force or threat, making the victim abide by the whims of the terroriser, even if reluctant. Although used by the Assassins - a military and religious order in Persia and......More

Discussion on Domestic Violence

  • Discussion on Domestic Violence This relates to the violence against women in the form of wife beating, mental torture and even marital rape. It is a hidden aspect of society, not discussed openly for fear of attracting social stigma.......More

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