• Terrorism: A Great Evil The systematic use of unpredictable violence or terror against individuals, public or governments to attain a political motive is called terrorism. Terrorism, or cult of the gun and killing, is rather a new phenomenon.......More

General Knowledge Question-Answer

  • How did the Earth begin?   Around 4.6 billion years ago, neither the Earth nor any of the other planets existed. There was just this vast, dark, very hot cloud of gas and dust swirling around the newly formed Sun. Gradually, the.......More

Hand Writing Improvement

  • IMPORTANCE OF HANDWRITING   How does it feel to hold a writing instrument in hand? Well, we can't conclude it with any specific feeling. Even if we all have the same writing instru- ment, we feel different when it comes to.......More

Indian Freedom Fighters Biography

  • Bhagat Singh was born into a [at Sandhu family to Sardar Kishan Singh Sandhu and Vidyavati in the Khatkar Kalan village near Banga in the Lyallpur district of Punjab. He came from a patriotic Sikh family, some of whom had participated in.......More

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