Pen Vs. Keyboard


The world is changing. We are relying more on open fingers on computer keys than fingers coming closer to make a grip on pen. We don't bother about this change, as we believe it is for good. Manual writings are on the verge of extinction. We may want them to go away at the earliest. The definition of our benefits are changing, so are our priorities. This change makes the world around us stand out with many issues.


Pen Vs. keyboard is one issue that mostly winds up with unconcluded debates among academicians. Is there something to be compared about them, when they have nothing alike? Can one replace the other when they are not competitors? They are not also complementary. Both have their own importance in the life of human comfort and communication needs.


Take an example, a baby is born of a woman and not a man, although it is a different matter that he can give it as much love as she can. If writing is like a baby, then handwriting is its mother. Here are some of the reasons that will tell you why penmanship is eternal and nothing can replace it to such an extent that it will be considered as 'no need'.


Have you ever thought of doing sign using a keyboard?


Keyboard doesn't let you sign. You have only different fonts to choose from that too for writing. You can't make with it the movements that you usually do while signing. You can only scan your signature so that people could read it as a photograph.


Technology outdates technology


When typewriter came, people moved towards it. Today when computer is there, it has almost made typewriter of no use. But handwriting has nothing to do with technology.


Computer is purely a technology. Today you are using keyboard, tomorrow the time could come that whatever you speak will directly come out as a printout.


Technology is not going to remain forever. So, the keyboard will be outdated anytime and penmanship will remain forever.


Difference between artificial and natural


Writing is not limited to the exams and hoard learning stuff. Nor it restricts us for some special communication. Rather, handwriting makes us least dependent if we are regular and take it seriously for everything we write.


Penmanship is an unlimited gesture while writing based on technology is limited. No technology could be replacement of your hand. Artificial things are never so strong that they can replace the natural. You can ask some machine to do your work, but you can't ask any machine to replace you.


The advent of make-up articles couldn't change the symmetry of your face. Artificial and natural could be related to each other, but they couldn't be replaced by each other.


Coordination works best when you completely depend on your body


Everything works in coordination. Writing by hand establishes natural coordination between our thoughts and writing. Keyboard doesn't fit naturally. The natural ability is one which is convenient for every situation and you don't take any unnecessary load for it.


Is computer your body part? No, it is not, it is a machine which can break off anytime. It makes you handicapped, and no way you can afford your thoughts miss their pace.


Penmanship is a personality tool


If writing is an art for you, then computer is not an artist for it. Computer is a communication facilitator. On the other hand, penmanship gives personality to your communication.


Handwriting is three - dimensional writing whereas computer writing is two- dimensional. Its third dimension is your style which is particular and belongs to you only.


Computer is not a writing tool for us it is more a printing tool


What is handwriting for us? It is simply content written by hand. On computer, it is not writing. It is printing. You don't write with a keyboard. You only punch. When something is handwritten, it is always in your hand. While in the case of computer, you get it when you have its printout. We don't write words. We enter words like data by means of a keyboard.


For children handwriting is self-esteem


At school level, we need hand- writing for self-esteem.


Students can study anywhere if they are not dependent on computer because they can take a book, a paper and a pen at any place where they want to. They feel freer.


Handwriting - a source of fun


You can do a lot of fun with handwriting. Writing is not fun in computer. If you want to utilize computer for fun, then you need to learn the software.


There also you are very much dependent on its tools which behave in a set format. Moreover, computer doesn't make you write for fun. It makes you design for fun.



It is easy to access


You are not dependent on printouts. Do you have keyboards in conferences, seminars, presentations, discussions etc? Computers are everywhere but you can't travel with them always. You could feel a need to write while travelling. It can be notes or keeping track of small details in the day. During the time you attend phone calls, you can't write on computer screen. That time only a pen and a paper can work for you.


The hand-pen and brain connection


As soon as you turn off computer, you sign off from your thinking mind. The hand-pen connection takes much more brainpower. It happens because we develop a sort of mental conditioning where we want to look for certain combinations to work contentedly. These combinations are essential because they are not mechanical.      '1


Handwriting stops you being auto correct


You lose control on spellings as they get corrected automatically. This weakens your writing abilities. When things get corrected automatically, you don't pay attention to the smallest details. Computer does that to writing.




You may want to write personal things in such a way that only you can under- stand. This is possible when something is handwritten because you have freedom to make the strokes according to your wish.


Neither dependency of thought is good nor writing


Without computer you become five year old again. You feel you are working when you are active with computer. Generally children behave like that they raise their hands and stop doing work, when they have nothing around to support that work.


Special communications


Special communications always need handwritten words. These words could depict thank you or sorry notes, invitations, messages, brief words about someone. Or they could describe anything depending upon the purpose of a person. They become personal with a sentimental touch when written by hand.

Computer towards handwriting



People don't want to miss the basic human experience which we call handwriting. We are exploring computer flexibility so that it can give handwriting impressions too. With the introduction of Tablet PCs handwriting is coming back, we can now write with a pen like stylus, instead of using only keyboard. But again it can't bring you closer to originality that handwriting gives. 

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