Home Remedy for Constipation

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Home Remedy for Constipation

a. The best way to deal with constipation is to change food habits. Milk boiled vegetables, fruits and their juices should be taken in large quantities, together with foods containing a lot of roughage & fibrous matter.

b. 10 g of Senna leaves and 5 g of aniseed should be boiled in a cup of water with sugar, then strained and drunk before retiring for the night.

c. Half a litre of milk mixed with 50 g of khand taken at night will give relief.

d. Another remedy is to eat 40 g of Gulkand with milk everyday.

e. If these remedies fail to give relief, 6 g of the rind of harr should be finely powdered and mixed with a little luke warm water and salt be taken.


f. Take Bathua ka saag during the season for getting rid of obstinate constipation. 

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