Homeopathy treatment for Bleeding (See also Nosebleeds.)

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy treatment for Bleeding  (See also Nosebleeds.)


Bleeding, or hemorrhage, is a flow of blood from the arteries, veins, or capillaries, occurring internally or through any of the natural openings of the body or from damage to the tissues or blood vessels. There are many causes of abnormal bleeding, ranging from wounds, trauma, and acute conditions, such as a nosebleed, to chronic conditions such as hemorrhoids, hemorrhagic disorders, or cancer.


Bleeding is characterized by a flow of blood, ranging in color from bright red to black, from anywhere in the body. The blood may spurt if it comes from an artery, or flow more passively if it originates in a vein. The most common symptoms of blood loss are weakness, fatigue, dizziness, a faint feeling, thirst, perspiration, and, later, changes in pulse and breathing. Anemia is confirmed through a complete blood count.


Extreme blood loss due to injury, postpartum hemorrhage (after child- birth), uncontrolled uterine bleeding due to other causes, or undetected internal bleeding can result in anemia, dehydration, shock, or death. Get medical attention immediately if blood loss is severe.


What is the source of the bleeding?

What is the color of the blood?

How much blood is being lost?

Is the blood flowing passively or is it spurting?

Has there been an injury?

What is the person's position and attitude?

Is immediate care required?


"I'm just fine. I don't need your help" Arnica

"I feel like I'm going to faint." China

"My blood is black and comes out slowly. I don't know if I can trust you." Crotalus horridus

"I always get anemia after I bleed. Could you please talk more softly?" Ferrum metallicum

"I feel like my veins are going to burst." Hamamelis

"I started bleeding after I ran around the block. The blood is bright red." Millefolium

"I always bleed easily. Could you please get me some ice water?" Phosphorus


What happened?

How are you feeling?

What are your symptoms?

Has this happened before?

Do we need to get help?

What makes the bleeding better or worse?

Are you in pain? If so, where? Describe the pain.

What makes the pain better or worse?

Are there any mental or emotional symptoms since the bleeding began?

Pointers for Finding the Homeopathic Medicine

·         The first medicine to give for bleeding resulting from injury or trauma is Arnica.

·         For bleeding in which the person has bright red cheeks, consider Belladonna or Ferrum metallicum.

·         For blood loss in a weak, pale, collapsed person, give China.

·         If there is dark blood oozing from various parts of the body, give Crotalus horridus.

·         For bleeding from the veins with a full feeling in the veins, the medicine is Hamamelis.

·         If the bleeding is caused by a fall or overexertion and the blood is bright red, look at Millefolium.

·         For a person who bleeds easily and the blood is fluid, bright red, and without clots, give Phosphorus.


·         Give three pellets of 30C every ten to thirty minutes until you see improvement .

·         In an emergency situation, give a high potency if you have it. Higher potencies (200X, 200C, 1M) usually only need to be given once, but can be given again if there is a definite relapse, especially in an emergency.

·         If there is no improvement after three doses, give a different medicine.

·         After you first notice improvement, give another dose only if symptoms begin to return.

·         Lower potencies (6X, 6C, 30X) may need to be given more often (every five minutes to an hour).

·         Higher potencies (200X, 200C, 1M) usually need to be given only once, but may need to be repeated if the symptoms of the bladder infection are severe or return after initial improvement.

What to Expect from Homeopathic Self-Care

Homeopathic medicines can stop or slow down bleeding within fifteen minutes to several hours. If bleeding is profuse, or if bleeding continues, seek immediate medical attention. Chronic bleeding should be diagnosed by a qualified medical professional, and often responds to constitutional homeopathic treatment depending on the cause. Iron supplementation is often required, depending on the type of anemia.

Other Self-Care Suggestions

Take whatever first-aid measures are necessary to stop the bleeding, including applying pressure directly to the injury with a clean cloth or by applying pressure to the pressure points above the injured area or by wrapping the injury with gauze or cloth.

·         Bach Rescue Remedy, taken five drops under the tongue every ten to thirty minutes, is helpful for shock if Arnica is not available.

·         Apply Calendula tincture or a combination of Calendula and Hypericum tinctures directly to the bleeding area.

·         Never apply topical Arnica preparations to open wounds because they can cause a rash.

·         Dried cinnamon applied directly to the area can sometimes stop bleeding.

·         Geranium, Trillium, and Shepherd's purse can all be taken internally for bleeding. Take one-half teaspoon of tincture everyone to two hours up to four times a day.

·         If weakness occurs from bleeding, take iron supplementation. The dosage depends on the form of iron, the degree of anemia, and the cause and degree of bleeding.


·         Consult a book on Chinese medicine to learn about specific acupressure points to stop bleeding. 

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