Benefits of Almond or Badam

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Benefits of Almond or Badam

Botanical Name : Prunus amygadalus

Family Name       : Rosaceae

Hindi Name         : Badam

Sanskrit Name    : Badama

English Name      : Almond


Almond is a valuable food remedy for various common diseases. We have bitter and sweet almonds. Avoid using bitter one as it has poison prussic acid. Skin-wise, almonds are of two types - one is hard and the other having thin skin is called kagzi badam, which is a better quality.


Native of Morocco, in cultivation from ancient times in Syria & Palestine, now cultivated in most of the countries. In India, almond is cultivated in Punjab, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh.

Part Used



Demulcent, stimulative, nervine, tonic, aphrodisiac.

Forms of Use

Whole seed and oil.

Food Value

The best way of using almonds is to soak them overnight in water, then skin is peeled off and a paste is made, called almond butter. It is now easily digestible and is very nutritious. (250g of almond is equal to 1 kg of milk).

Medicinal Uses

The fat in almond consists of the most beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. It lowers serum cholesterol levels.

It contains copper, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B" thus good for health.

It also corrects biological functions of brain, nerves, bones, heart and liver.

Its regular use prevents early appearance of wrinkles, dryness of skin, pimples and keeps the face fresh.

As it contains copper and iron, it helps in synthesizing blood haemoglobin, thus blood forming.

It is a potent aphrodisiac. Its regular use increases sexual power.

It is also very useful in respiratory disorders, cold and cough. A paste of almond with black pepper gives resistance against respiratory problems.

Almonds soaked in honey overnight, taken in the morning gives strong and healthy constitution (body).

Almonds oil is a boon for health as it increases brain power, removes constipation, corrects liver & spleen.

Oil of bitter almond is a good remedy for skin diseases. 

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