Benefits of Lychee (Lichi)

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Benefits of Lychee (Lichi)

Botanical Name : Litchi chinensis

Family Name        : Annonaceae

Hindi Name          : Lichi


Lychee grows on an evergreen tree, 10-12m high, with broad round-topped crown of glossy green foliage; leaves pinnate with 2 -9 leaflets; flower polygamous, small, greenish-white or yellowish, in terminal panicles; fruit globose or oblong to ovate, 2.5 cm or more in diameter with a dark or light red or yellow rind, faintly or sharpy tubercled and brittle; fleshy-white, translucent, juicy, covering fully a large, dark brown, elliptic seed.


Lychee is reported to have been introduced into India from China towards the end of the eighteenth century. It is now cultivated in a number of countries, outside China, including India, Burma, Indo-China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand. India and South Africa are the largest producers other than China. Lychee is cultivated on acres of land in North Bihar, mostly in Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga district.

Parts Used


Forms of Use

Jam, jelly, fruit, juice.


Refreshing, nutritive, tonic & diuretic.

Food Value

The Lychee fruit consists of peel, aril and seed. The aril, which can be readily separated from seed, is soft and juicy with a delicious flavour and is generally eaten fresh. It yields 38.7-58.7% of juice containing total sugars (as invert sugar) 12.1-14.8%; reducing sugar 9.0-13.7%, non-reducing (sucrose, maltose) 1.0-3.4%; acidity (as citric acid) 0.72-0.36% and ascorbic acid 34.5-45.4 mg/l 00 g.


Lychee arils can be preserved by canning with syrup. In China, a solution of common salt is sprinkled over fruits to prevent rapid spoilage.

Lychee juice can be obtained by routine method, by adding preservatives like pot. meta-bi-sulphite in sugar syrup (66%).

Medicinal Uses

(i) Lychee seeds are used in China for intestinal trouble.

(ii) Lychee seeds are also used against anodyne and prescribed in neuralgic disorders and orchitis.

(iii) Fruit is said to be diuretic and digestive.


(iv) Fruits are very refreshing tonic. 

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