Benefits of Peach (Aru)

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Benefits of Peach (Aru)

Botanical Name : Prunus persica

Family Name      : Rosaceae

Hindi Name         : Aru


Peach grows on a small tree up to 8m high with glabrous twigs, leaves oblong to broad laneeolate, serrate, glabrous, flowers solitary,pink; fruits subglobose, 5-7 cm across, fleshy, with a hard and deeply pitted stone.


Peach is believed to be a native of China. In India, peaches are grown in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Kullu, Kumaun hills and Punjab.

Parts Used

Fruit, leaves.


Stomachic, demulcent, anti-scorbutic, anthelmintic.

Forms of Use

Fruit is eaten raw.

Food Value

Peaches are a fair source of sugars, thiamine (Vitamin 8,) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and retinol (Vitamin A).


Peaches are a favourite table fruit. They are soft and juicy when ripe and are mostly used as desserts. They become very delicious when cooked in syrup, and are mostly used for canning. Various preparations are canned peach, peach nector, dried peach.

Medicinal Uses

(i) Fruits are given in stomach ailments.

(ii) Its juice is known to remove worms from the intestine.


(iii) It is very useful in keeping eyes healthy. 

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