Uttarphalguni Nakshatras

  • Lord Aryama is the Lord of Uttaraphalgunl Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is ambitious, authoritative, self-praising, brave, frank, proud, charitable, optimistic and humorous. He has a tendency to show off, has royal tastes and......More

Uttarashadha Nakshatras

  • Vishwadeva is the Lord of Uttarashadha Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation may be desirous of leading a very ambitious life, pleasant natured, possessing an attractive personality, fond of wearing fresh clothes and having a good brain......More

Uttarabhadrapaad Nakshatras

  • Ahirbundhya is the Lord of Uttarabhadrapada. A person born in this constellation may be pleasant natured, determined, liberal, with a beautiful physique, emotional, philosophical, secular, peace loving, fond society, prone to acting only after......More

Usage of mantras

  • It is said that all human problems are created by the person on his own, the basis of which is always his/her Karmas'(deeds), It is believed that mantras are a form of energy which leads to attainment of God, Through mantras one can obtain......More

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