Astrology is a divine science which is very much part and parcel of Vedas. Our seers have found out principles based on the position of the planets in the galaxy and their impact on the human life. These principles are very much stored in different classics including Puranas, work of seers like Parashar, Jamini, Vashisth, Garga and other works of scholars like Varahmir and Aryabhatta I and II. Astrology is a science which unfolds many of the uncertainties in our lives and makes way to solving our problems and deals with all aspect in the human life.

As our civilization is a growing one and now in this scientific era our astrologers have evolved some of the remedies as per the new age. There are many ways of recommending remedies for the evil effect of the planets as per their positions. Different schools of astrology have emerged since Vedic period which recommends remedies as per their belief. No doubt these schools follow the traditional vedic way of interpretation but they have changed their technique. It is also seen that astrologer mixes one school with another school just to impose their ideas on the native. The natal chart drawn at the time of the birth recommends remedies which help the native to reduce the impact of malefic planet in his/her chart. The remedies of the planet include japa of the mantra, donations, homa and worshipping the concerned deity.

Although, the book deals with the mantra but sometimes it is seen that besides the mantra the native has to perform some other rites for the efficacy of the mantra. Here, in this chapter we are providing the mantras related to planets, zodiac, constellations and other things through which the planets could be propitiated. The mantras are discussed in detail and the native is advised to follow it in letter and spirit. 

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