Anuradha Nakshatras

Anuradha Nakshatras

Lord Mitra is the Lord of the Anuradha Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is determined, enthusiastic, experimental, inventive, research oriented, fearless, endowed with skills, fond of travelling, friendly with cultured people, skilled at secretive tasks, selfish, with a violent tendency, hard, cruel and revengeful. Such persons have an inclination towards their own religion and new ideas. They are interested in philosophy, Vedas, Puranas and science. They are desirous of being honoured, skilled at arts, hardworking at studies, progressive, moving towards the west or abroad for trade purposes and skilled at accomplishing their own tasks.

 Anuradha nakshatra controls the bladder, urinary organs, genitals, rectum, anus and nestles bone and these are afflicted with ailments due to malefic effect of the planets. By daily worshiping the lord with lotus flowers, sandalwood incense, ghee, lamp and ghee, kheer (sweet made of rice and milk) the evil effect could be mellowed down. Offer madhvajya andjaggery cereals. Wear the Supushpamool on the arm and heart. Mix yava and ghee and perform homa while reciting the following mantra for hundred and eight times.

Om namo mitrasaye varunasye chaksase mahodevye tadar

samryat durdarshe dev jatya ketva divas putraye suryaanyash

gum sat om mitrayee Namah II 

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