Touching as a Feather

  • Touching as a Feather When: Do it many times during the day. Duration: Even for a moment is good but as a meditation at least 40 minutes. Step 1: "Just sitting on a chair or in the train, close your eyes and put your palms lightly on......More

The Art of Let-Go

  • The Art of Let-Go  When: Every night. Step 1: "The body should be the beginning. Lying down on your bed ... before sleep comes, start watching with closed eyes the energy from your feet. Move from there - just watch inside: Is there some......More

Tensing Up

  • Tensing Up When: Every night before you go to sleep. Duration: 4-6 minutes. Step 1: "Stand in the middle of the room - exactly in the middle - and make your body as stiff and as tense as possible, almost as if you will burst. Do this for......More

The Alchemy of Acceptance

  • The Alchemy of Acceptance Step 1: Accept "Whatsoever happens to you, accept it as part of your being. Don't condemn it." Step 2: The Whole is Nature " ... Not only the trees; not only the clouds - the whole. Whatsoever has happened has happened because......More

To Change Your State of Mind

  • To Change Your State of Mind "The earlobes are very important acupuncture points, very closely connected to remembrance. When the ear is pierced the energy within gets a sever jolt. In fact, piercing the ears was even a well-known remedy for certain......More

To Change Any Thought Patterns

  • To Change Any Thought... When: Whenever you feel any judgement, or whatever else the pattern might be - jealousy or greed, etc. Step 1: Change the Breathing "Immediately you will see a change: the thought will disappear. Whenever you want to......More

The Way of the Sly Man

  • The Way of the Sly Man I can feel myself moving from anger into sadness. I don't know whether I should try and get the anger out or just let it explode inside. "Anger and sadness are the same. Sadness is passive anger and anger is active sadness.......More

Throwing Out Negativity

  • Throwing Out Negativity When: Every night before sleeping. Duration: 60 minutes. Step 1: Go Bananas "Sit on your bed and do everything crazy your mind wants to, that people do when they are angry, destructive and violent. But don't destroy valuable......More

The Root Of Anger

  • The Root Of Anger What is anger and how can I remain cool and collected, but responsive in the crucial moment? "The psychology of anger is that you wanted something, and somebody prevented you from getting it. Somebody came as a block, as......More

To Be More Loving

  • To Be More Loving "Joy that comes out of love: that's the only joy there is. Whenever you love, you are joyful. Whenever you cannot love, you cannot be joyful. Joy is a function of love, a shadow of love; it follows love. So become more and......More

The Resolution

  • The Resolution When: At night. Duration: 10 minutes. Step 1: Inhale and Repeat "Gently, very slowly, allow your lungs to fill completely, and as you do so, repeat to yourself whatever it is that you want to introduce into your life, e.g. 'I......More

The Door and the Wall

  • The Door and the Wall "To remain closed is to remain dead. It is as if when the whole sky was available you were just looking from the keyhole. Of course you can see a little sky from the keyhole also, and sometimes a ray of sun passes by;......More

The Art of the Other

  • The Art of the Other "Love means the art of being with others. Meditation means the art of being with yourself. They are two aspects of the same coin. A person who does not know how to be with himself cannot truly relate with others. His......More

The Internal Dialogue

  • The Internal Dialogue "In the 24 hours of a day you need to be silent for an hour or so, whenever it is convenient. The internal dialogue will go on but don't be party to it. Duration: Six months. Step 1: Detached Listening "The key to it all is to......More

The Art of Listening

  • The Art of Listening "Your mind is continuously bombarded from all sides by all kinds of thoughts. To protect itself, each mind has created a subtle wall of buffers so those thoughts are turned back, they don't enter your mind. It is basically......More

The Knack of Listening

  • The Knack of Listening "Listening is not an action; nothing is required of you in order to listen. You have only to be here. "No effort, no endeavor is expected of you - just sit silently and you will hear. And as you sit empty ... not doing......More


  • TOOLS FOR MEDITATION THOSE who are still DOING meditation find that the practice becomes better with certain tools. These are candles, incenses, light, crystals, essential oils, chanting, bells, and specific seats and so on. All these things......More

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