Watching the Breath

  • Watching the Breath "There is no need to teach all kinds of meditations. Just one method I can choose which can be the simplest, easiest and applicable to all, and just that one method can be spread all over the world. It is what I call......More

Watch Your Breath

  • Watch Your Breath "Socrates has said: Look within, know thyself, but nobody has given the exact method. Buddha gives you the exact method: the rising and the falling of the breath. It is through the breath that you are bridged. Breath is the......More

Write it Down

  • Write it Down "Whenever there is a problem, it is helpful to verbalize it. Write it down rather than mulling over it. This will help to crystallize the issue and, most likely, it will disappear. "Do this process over a period of seven......More

Writing Down Thoughts

  • Writing Down Thoughts "Anybody who has ears can hear, but it is not necessary that he will be able to listen. For listening, something more is necessary than just having ears: a certain kind of silence, a serenity, a peace - the heart standing......More


  • WEALTH AND MEDITATION IF meditation can help to gain success and handle failure it can also help to gain wealth. Let us see how this can happen: Remember we need not gain wealth in visualization and dream. It has to happen in reality by......More


  • WELL-BEING AND MEDITATION SINCE meditation helps you gain total balance and equilibrium, it has a potential to generate a total well-being within and around. Such a well-being not only includes good health and wealth' but also good relations and......More


  • WITNESSING  Sit in a comfortable position in front of a mirror.Look at yourself in the mirror.Watch the thoughts that come to your mind.Watch the emotions you feel about yourself.Watch the hatred you feel for yourself. Experience......More

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