There is a considerable variety of electrical treatment appliances in the market, which deliver over a dozen different forms of currents, or modalities, to use the technical term.

Thus, we have the galvanic, faradic, slow, rapid and surging sinusoidal, high frequency violet ray, diathermy, and auto- condensation, which are the ones, most commonly used.

We have already dealt with the use of the sinusoidal and faradic currents in spondylotherapy, and many practitioners prefer these currents to concussion for eliciting the vertebral reflexes.

The sinusoidal current is known as an induced current, and in case of the rapid sinusoidal, is similar in some respects to the faradic, which latter is generated by magnetism in an induction coil, but differs from the faradic in that the voltage of the inducing current is higher and its undulations are smoother. My experience has been, however, as noted in the foregoing chapter, that the faradic current is an excellent current for eliciting the spinal reflexes, and the faradic equipment has the advantage that it can be carried around and used anywhere independent of the electricity supply, because the faradic current can be generated by two or three dry cells.

The slow sinusoidal current has proved to be valuable in constipation, a large pad being placed on the abdomen while a smaller one is placed opposite the lumbar vertebrae. The even and slow contraction and relaxation produced increase peristalsis of the intestines and very often permanently overcome constipation in a relatively short time.

In various forms of paralysis, rheumatism, lumbago, and sciatica, all modalities of the sinusoidal, as well as the faradic, have proved to be valuable where it is desired to affect a muscle the usual way in which to apply the current is to place one electrode near the origin and the other near the insertion of the muscle.

The galvanic is the one polar electricity. That is the current flows out at the positive pole, passes through the part of the body being treated, and then returns by way of the negative pole. Some of the properties of the galvanic current are as follows:


Attracts oxygen.

Accumulates chlorine, nitric,

Phosphoric and hydrochloric


Acid caustic.

Cicatrix hard, dry and unyielding.

Contracts arterioles.

Stops hemorrhage.

Relieves inflammation and pain. Hardens tissue.


Attracts Hydrogen.

Accumulates alkalhydrates of calcium, potassium, sodium, and ammonium.

Alkaline caustic.

Cicatrix soft and pliable.

Dilates arterioles.

Increases hemorrhage.

Stimulates and irritates.

Disintegrates tissue.

Because of these polar effects it will be seen that it is of great importance to use galnmism to properly place the pads. If the negative. pad is placed where the positive pad should have been placed, the results are likely to be detrimental rather than beneficial. However, if the Naturopath will carefully analyze the condition, he should have no difficulty in placing the pads. For instance, in treating goitre, the purpose is to disintegrate tissue, therefore, the negative pad should be used over the goitre, and the positive pad placed at the back of the neck or on the abdomen.

In case of extreme pain, as in cases of lumbago, arthritis, etc., the positive pad should be placed over the painful area, as the positive pad relieves pain. If you are treating a sluggish liver you place the negative pad over the liver and the positive pad opposite the pack. Because the negative pad stimulates, and stimulation is what it is needed. If you are treating an ulcerated stomach the positive pad should be applied over that organ, as the positive pole stops hemorrhage and relieves pain. If you keep in mind the properties of each pole, it will be a relatively simple matter to properly place the electrodes for each case.

The galvanic current can be obtained by a machine made up of dry cells: directly from the commercial line if it is the direct current and a rheostat is used; through rectifiers if the alternative is the only commercial current or through a direct current generating equipment. Many regard the galvanic as the most useful of all currents, as it is the one physiological current. It is, indeed, a current of wide ranging uses, but nothing can really displace the faradic and sinusoidal currents in some disorders.

The high frequency violet ray is a current that is soothing in its effects in many painful conditions, and it will frequently be found to be beneficial to use it after administering a manipulative treatment to a very tender area. Many manufacturers have advocated the use of the violet ray for every ailment and thus disappointments have consequently resulted. However, as an adjunct treatment it has its uses, in nervousness and headache, sleeplessness, and some other similar disorders it has often proved to be valuable even when used alone. Here is a list of benefits that can be derived from the violet ray. Some of the below-enumerated effects are very slight in some cases, but still this current is capable of producing each of these effects to a certain extent:

The high frequency violet ray current:

Increases oxidation and local nutrition.

Produces hyperemia in areas to which it is applied.

Adds oxygen to the blood.

Increases elimination of carbon dioxide.

Increases elimination of waste products through the skin.

Increases the temperature where applied.

Locally germicidal .

Sparks to upper dorsal spine raises blood pressure.

Application at any area for 20 seconds to one minute with sparking is simulative.

Application for 2 to 5 minutes with electrode held in contact is sedative.

The Diathermy current is a heating current. It is used largely in rheumatic joints, gouty deposits, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, and neuritis. Lately it has come into use in the treatment of pneumonia with splendid results. Some enthusiasts advocate its use for nearly every disorder, and in as much as the essential part of the current consists in the production of heat in the deeper tissues, it can be seen that it would naturally be of value in all conditions which would be benefited by heat, and that applies to a wide range of ailments. It is applied much like the sinusoidal or faradic, two well-moistened felt pads, block tin or wire mesh electrodes being used.


The Auto Condensation current, like the Diathermy, is a high tension current, produced by a Tesla Coil and Oudin Resonator, which is used principally for the relief in the case of high blood pressure. The patient sits or lies on a chair or couch pad which is connected to one pole of the machine, and the circuit is completed through a handle which he holds in his hands. In my experience, this current is a sovereign remedy in high blood pressure. There is no other separate method, that I know, will lower the blood pressure as rapidly and effectively, as the Auto-Condensation current. 

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