Benefits of Naturopathy


Benefits of Naturopathy


"Prevention is better than cure" and less troublesome too. A person falls sick when his defences are down, in other words when his vital force is at low ebb, it being the bulwark against disease and delay. The vital force is the store house of your strength, vigour, ebullience and verve. Its ebb and flow cause the headache and malfunctioning of bowels. Diseases are the indications of diminished vital force. Maintaining it can ward off disease. We have to follow some rules about sleep- inhaling of fresh air, sun light and clean habits.


The best source of your vital force is sleep. Sleep not only gives you ease from labour, but also replenishes the source of energy .The expenditure of energy during sleep is minimal but how far a sleeping man will recover what he has lost during waking hour will depend on his way of life.

Sleep in itself is a medicine and that is why even the traditional physician will tell you not to wake a patient merely for administering the prescribed dose. Infants sleep for 20 out of 24 hours. But as they grow they can do with less sleep. A healthy adult can do with 8 hours of sleep. The old age saying- "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" still holds good becauseone hour's sleep before midnight relaxes you more than two hours of slumber after midnight can.

Relax completely when you compose yourself for sleep. Worry and the grave are twin sisters, so leave your worries for Your waking hours.


After sleep sunlight is the element which helps restore your vital force. Just as a plant will whither away without sunlight, a human being deprived of it will be pale and sickly. It gives green colour to the plants and adds red to your blood. Fruits and vegetables absorb sunlight to the body. One should not overdress so that sunlight can replenish your vital force. Even though people in the cold climates take to sun-bathing for cosmetic reasons, it is a must for revitalizing the human body.


A man may survive without food for weeks, without water for days, but he cannot survive without air for more than a few seconds. The Ozone in the air helps the lungs to cleanse our blood of carbon dioxide. One must keep the living room and the bed room well ventilated so that fresh air comes into contact with the body all the time. The pores of the skin need it as much as do the lungs. clothes must be loose so that the pores are not starved of air, breathe deeply and work out regularly which force the lungs to take in more air to replenish the blood. Inhale deeply a few times before meals and also before sleep. Go outdoors as often as you can.


The cheapest and the best cleansing agent, water is the third vital necessity for your life and health. Ensure that it is clean and free from contamination. Drink it early in the morning, before going to bed, one hour before meals and two or three hours after. It gives you a heavenly feeling of freshness by activating your blood circulation. A hot bath dulls the circulation which explains why you feel lethargic after it. A vigorous rubbing of the skin with a rough towel after a cold bath will open your pores. A rubbing of the skin with your palm will drive away most of the skin disorders.


The best food is the one which is taken in the form, in which, the nature provides it. The greater the culinary effort, the more palatable the food no doubt but lesser is its nutritive value. A greater part of the diet should comprise fruits and vegetables cooked to the minimum. Cereals should be germinated before eating. The cardinal point to remember is that the longer a food remains in contact with heat the lesser is its nutritive value.


Mental make-up and health are intimately connected. Anger, frustration, envy, jealousy, and violent reactions are as harmful as worry. When a man is angry there is too much adrenaline released into his blood stream, hence the higher blood pressure, a quickened pulse, dry mouth and a purple face.

Keep happy and smiling. Auto suggestion and self hypnosis are based on the theory that thinking can lead to a better state of health. Do not give in to despair when you fall sick. Many critically ill persons have died when they gave up the fight or lost hope, a solid resolve to stay alive has pulled many from the brink of the grave.


Your way of life imprints on your health, over indulgence in anything would reduce your vital force. Fresh air, exercise and a placid temperament will help you stay healthy. Tensions must be avoided as they erode the vital force. One must not join the blind race for money and success in disregard to the golden rules of health. You must also be regular in your habits, sleep and exercise and an occasional fast will help you live longer free from common ailments, which afflict humans. Keep a positive attitude towards life. 

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