As we review the history of the healing art, we find that mankind has constantly delved into methods of eradicating human disorders that is away from unnatural dependence on drug, and tend toward Nature.

The theories that have been advanced regarding the cause of disease are legion. Wrong chemical combinations, germs, impingement of nerves, wrong habits of eating, faulty mental states, and a host of other factors have been held responsible as the sole cause of disease by a host of enthusiastic doctors.

However, after all is said and done, it must be admitted by any fair investigator that each single system of medicine has its shortcomings. Each method will accomplish some good, but no single method is infallible. For this reason the more intelligent among those who are devoting their attention to the prevention and cure of disease have come to realize that a perfect system must include all natural, non- drug methods in so far as each one is adapted to an individual case.

As cases vary, remedies must vary. What will help Nature to cure one disease will only aggravate another. For this reason, a system that is truly eclectic or selective must be the ultimate in the healing art, and the one, and the only one that can permanently endure. Naturopathy is a distinct school of healing, employing beneficent agency of Nature's forces, or water, air, sunlight, earth power, electricity, magnetism, exercise, rest, proper diet, various kinds of mechanical treatment, mental and moral science. As none of these agents of rejuvenation can cure every disease (alone) the Naturopath rightly employs the combination that is best adapted to each individual case. The result of such ministrations is wholly beneficent. The prophylactic power of Nature's finer forces, mechanical and occult, removes foreign or poisonous matter from the system, restores nerve and blood vitality, invigorates organs and tissues, and regenerates the entire organism.

Naturopathy is a system of disease-eradication based on the theory that clean blood is the instrument of health and the fountain of happiness. Whatever the system we employ, will produce results only as we purify the blood and clear the system of poisonous encumbrances.

Naturopathic researches have shown that wrong habits of eating, sleeping, working and recreation increase the intake of poisonous acids and alkaloids and at the same time weaken the eliminative functions that these toxins are not thrown off, They, therefore, float in the blood stream and eventually are deposited in some organ or tissue, causing disease to develop. Arterio-sclerosis, rheumatism and calculi are caused by accumulations of uric and oxalic acids in the blood. Dropsy, ulcers and necrosis are brought about through the accumulation of uric and sulphuric acids. When carbonic acid combines with uric acid in the blood, cell asphyxiation is brought about, causing anemia, tuberculosis, chlorosis or pneumonia. And similarly, all other diseases have their origin.

Definition of Naturopathy as given by Dr. J.E. Cummins is the best brief definition ever given, "Naturopathy is the science, art and philosophy of adjusting the framework, correcting the mental influences, and supplying the body with its needed elements."

"Single branch" systems all have their day. They all do some good and gain many adherents, but it cannot be denied that all such "branches" have their limitations, and for that reason they will eventually have to make room for a system that includes the best of the underlying principles of all of them-and that system is Naturopathy.


Naturopathy is the perfect science of Human Wholeness, and it includes all agencies, methods, systems, regimes, practices and ideals of natural origin and divine sanction whereby human health may be restored, enhanced and maintained. 

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