what causes Alcoholism

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what causes Alcoholism

When the portion of liver that detoxifies ethyl alcohol (the

drinking kind) is hampered you are at risk for alcoholism. The

other contributors to alcoholism are beryllium and ergot. Perhaps

there are even more contributors.

Beryllium is plentiful in coal products such as “coal oil”, and

in gasoline to which kerosene or coal oil has been added. Fuel

for “hurricane lamps” is a common offender, filling the air with

beryllium. Liver blockage can force beryllium to circulate

through the body; if it happens to attach itself to the addiction

center of the brain, you're in a heap of trouble. Beryllium is very

reactive. Any other allergen coursing by can react with it. If this

happens to be alcohol–the drinking kind–you will be alcoholic

unbeknownst to you.

When the liver is quite disabled, there may still be alcohol

coursing through your body the day after you drank even a little

bit! It is bound to find the beryllium stuck to the addiction center.

Together, they turn the brain into a uncontrolled machine.

Neurotransmitters are released that shouldn't be; others not released

that should be. Mood is affected in a typically “alcoholic”

way. Depression may be lifted—or caused!

Alcoholic persons should remove all fossil fuels from their

environment, and never choose a career that exposes them to

paint, cleaners, or automotive products. They should do liver

cleanses until 2,000 stones or more are out.

Of course, they should never touch a drop of alcohol: not

even the Black Walnut Hull Tincture in the herbal parasite program.

The aqueous recipe should be made for them. Since alcohol

is produced anyway, in the body, the liver should never be

poisoned by molds, especially ergot: the very mold that is so

abundant in alcoholic beverages! Alcohol and ergot interact to

make each more toxic.

To help the brain recover its neurotransmitter status, take

glutamine (500 mg.), a B-50 complex, and niacinamide (500

mg—to help detoxify ergot), with each meal.

To prevent alcoholism, protect your liver from food molds,

especially ergot. Add vitamin C to nuts, pasta cereals, grains and

even alcoholic beverages! Avoid fossil fuel pollution of your

home by switching to all electric utilities.

Alcohol Addiction

There are many definitions of addiction. My definition is

based on the special brain toxins, beryllium and ergot.

The brain has a region called the addiction center. If this

center is stimulated it produces pleasure-chemicals. It is carefully

controlled so that not too much pleasure or happiness can be


When a toxic substance, beryllium, is inhaled it circulates

with the blood to the brain and may land at the addiction center.

The more beryllium is inhaled the bigger the chance that it will

occupy the addiction center. The brain cells in the addiction

center have receptor sites for glutamate (the same glutamic acid

that comes from the protein in our food). Normally, glutamate

activates the addiction center. But when beryllium has “stolen”

these seats, the glutamate is powerless to activate the joy and

happiness center. The result is a low level chronic depression.

The more beryllium there is to clog the receptors the worse the

depression. Giving glutamic acid does not help but giving glu

tamine does! Addicted or depressed persons should take glutamine,

no less than 3 grams (3000 mg) a day. It comes in 500

mg. tablets. It is completely harmless.

When we drink alcohol or put it on the skin (as in mouthwash,

tinctures, medicine) or produce it by fermentation in the

intestines (Candida produces alcohol) a substance, salsol, is

formed. Salsol reacts with beryllium. If the beryllium is in the

pleasure center it reacts with it there. This reaction has the effect

of activating the cells! Now a large amount of pleasure-chemical

can be released. The amount is larger than normal because so

many clogged cells are activated together. This explains the

alcohol “high”. In all the alcohol-addicted persons I studied,

salsol was present, along with beryllium, on the receptor sites

normally activated by glutamate (or NMDA or kainate). As we

removed the beryllium we saw that the salsol also disappeared.

The solution to alcoholism is to avoid ergot contaminated

food and avoid beryllium inhalation. We also remove the brain

beryllium using thioctic acid. Stopping the use of alcohol may

save a life or career but does not correct the problem. Even after

30 years of abstinence, I still see the beryllium present in the

addiction center and the salsol, derived no doubt from endogenous

sources, still attached to the beryllium. This is why the addiction

is never gone even after years of abstinence.

If any member of the family is, or was, addicted to alcohol

the house should be searched for beryllium sources. Hurricane

lamps or antique lamps are the most common sources. Remove

them permanently. Washing does not clean them. Remove all

solvents, cleaners, lighters. Switch to a butane lighter. The air

should be tested for beryllium. The garage door to the house

should be permanently closed, and the car and lawnmower kept

out of it. Addicted persons should not be painters! Nor walk into

a dry-cleaning business. Soon you will see a more cheerful

disposition in the addicted person and this will be rewarding for

the whole family.

Miguel Alcorn's wife cleaned up the environment for Miguel, whose

alcoholism was 30 years long. Even lighter fluid was removed. The

garage was sealed off from the house. She added vitamin C to his

meals so he didn't have to “take anything”. She was very careful

about moldy grains. He lost his preoccupation with drinking after

killing parasites. She believes he is not sneaking any. Our hats are

off to her.

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