what causes Flu

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what causes Flu

Influenza is a virus that can cause “the flu.” Does it belong to

us as humans or to a larger parasite we are hosting? It is easily

transmitted from person to person and in less than a year can

spread across the planet. Some flu examples are Influenza A, B,

C and Swine flu.

However, much that is called “flu” is actually caused by a

bacterium, either Salmonella or Shigella. If someone in your

family is “catching” a flu, test their saliva for the presence of

dairy products, implicating the Salmonellas and Shigellas. Also

test for influenza A, B, and C. Children's “flus”, especially when

there is a fever, are usually due to Salmonellas. Even after

zapping it can take an hour for the symptoms and fever to go


Go straight to the refrigerator and throw away all dairy

products. Throw away all milk, cheesecakes, buttermilk, cream,

butter, yogurt and cottage cheese, deli food and leftovers. You

may wish to identify the food source of your family's bacteria

first, and save the uncontaminated food. Use the sick person as a

subject, searching for foods that appear in her white blood cells

(or search their saliva sample for the food offender). If the flu is

“going around” your neighborhood, you might wish to tell

some of your neighbors which foods you found were contaminated.

They may have purchased the same food! Obviously, when

a contaminated shipment of dairy products arrives in your

grocery stores, quite a few people will be consuming it, setting

the stage for a “bad flu” that “goes around”.

Why can some people eat contaminated food without getting

sick? Maybe their Salmonellas don't multiply rapidly. Maybe

their stomach acid is strong enough to kill most of them. Maybe

their bowel movements are frequent enough to expel them

quickly. Maybe they haven't been on frequent treatments with

anti-strep antibiotics. The answer is not known yet. After a serious

bout with Salmonellas or Shigellas the body does not completely

clear itself of them. They stay in hiding somewhere. When

a new batch of bacteria arrives, even though very sparse, as in 1

tbs. of milk, the two subtypes can hybridize and produce a much

more vigorous offspring. This is called virulence. You are made

much sicker by more virulent subtypes of bacteria. You may have

diarrhea, vomiting, illness. Especially if you believe you have

“lactose intolerance,” pay attention to Salmonella and Shigella.

If your flu is due to an influenza virus, kill it with your zap-

per. Some family members may prefer to take a homeopathic flu

“remedy” such as OscillococcinumTM or Flusolution.TM Others

may take herbs. These probably act by prying the viruses out of

your cells' gateways and channels so the white blood cells can

easily devour them.

But flu due to Salmonella is not easily zapped away. Remember,

the zapper current does not penetrate the bowel contents,

which is exactly where Salmonella lives! Besides zapping

to clear them from your tissues, you must eliminate them from the

bowel by using the Bowel Program (page 546).

Lugol’s iodine solution (see Recipes) can quite quickly get

rid of Salmonella throughout the body. Use 6 drops (small drops

from an eyedropper) in ½ glass of water four times a day. If no

more Salmonella is consumed, it will be vanquished in a day or


If your flu brings you a fever, use Lugol’s.

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