what causes of Diabetes Of Childhood

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what causes of Diabetes Of Childhood

The problem is the same for diabetes of childhood as for

diabetes of later onset, but much easier to clear up, provided the

whole family cooperates.

Wesley Evanco, age 6, had his onset at age 11 months. Prior to that

he had chicken pox and his baby shots. He had pancreatic flukes

and their reproductive stages in his pancreas as well as wood alcohol.

He had no other solvents accumulated. The problem was

clearly due to these two enemies of his small body. Wesley's father

did not have pancreatic flukes but his mother had very high

levels, along with wood alcohol. She had to clear hers up before

Wesley could recover. She chose not to. She couldn't believe the

connection. Our most persuasive efforts were not successful. We

hope Wesley can forgive us all in due time.

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