Meaning Of Omens

  • Meaning Of Omens In life we come across many unusual things, like twitching or throbbing of body parts, various call sounds of birds, moles on the body, mysterious sounds, knocks, movements of pictures, dreams, etc. All such incidents are known as Omens and......More

Omens of a Dog

  • Omens of a Dog When a person starts on a journey or leaves the house for office or for some work, 1. If the dog licks his feet, or flutters his ears it indicates hindrances in journey or non-completion of work. In such a case he will not attain his object......More

Departure of Journey

  • Departure of Journey There are certain omens which portend to bring ill-luck at the time of departure on a journey from your residence or while going to office on business or for any important work.1. If a man, animal or birds cut across your way from the right side,......More

Omens of a Cow

  • Omens of a Cow The cow is worshipped and honoured by all human beings in India In Hindu mythology all divine deities dwell in the body of the cow. The cow's milk, urine and cowdung all are considered pure and are used for yagya. Hindus use it for the purpose of......More

Omens of a Cat

  • Omens of a Cat A "black cat is regarded as unlucky". Superstitions of the black cat are still widespread. The actions of a black cat at various times and occasions have significant meanings. The omens do not apply to domesticated cats. It is believed that black......More

Omens of a Crow

  • Omens of a Crow The crow is a bird found in all countries. They are large, harsh-voiced birds normally of black colour or of some mixed colours. Their beaks are heavy and feet stout. A crow's voice heard in the southern direction is of a strong value. For the......More

Omens of a Horse

  • Omens of a Horse In Brihisamhita, an ancient Hindu book, much stress is laid on the fact that the neighing of a horse is valued very much in India and abroad. Certain omens with regard to horse are listed below: 1. The appearance of a horse from the north is......More

Omens of a Monkey

  • Omens of a Monkey 1. If a person finds a monkey by his left side at the time of starting on a journey or for some work it indicates gain of object and wealth. 2. If a person starts on a journey and sees a monkey at twilight it indicates fulfillment of hopes.......More

Omens of a Owl

  • Omens of a Owl The owl lives in dark and dirty places and its sharp and fearful hooting is termed inauspicious throughout the world. In Britain its rough and dreadful voice is considered unlucky. In South Africa it indicates death. In Canada three days of......More

Omens of a Lizard

  • Omens of a Lizard The lizard falls many times from walls, roofs or from any other place in the house. Its fall carries a special significance. 1. When it falls on the left side of a woman and on the right side of a man, it is termed auspicious. 2. The cry of a......More

Omens of a Snake

  • Omens of a Snake Snakes have great powers. Generally the omens of a snake are not good, especially dreadful to man. 1. At the start of a journey or during a journey if a snake crawls from his right to his left is it inauspicious as the purpose of the journey will......More

Omens of a Donkey or an Ass

  • Omens of a Donkey or an Ass The donkey is the significator of the demon according to the Hindu mythology. Its omens are very auspicious and the best amongst all living things. 1. When a person is setting out on or coming back from a journey, the braying of a donkey from the......More


  • Sneezing 1. If one sneezes behind you while you are going out it is termed good. From the left and from a height it one sneezes, it too is considered to be auspicious. Sneezing from the right or the front leads to loss. If you yourself sneeze it is bad.......More

Ulkapat or atmospheric upheavals

  • Ulkapat or atmospheric... Ulkapat means atmospheric upheavals. Broadly, this includes breaking up of big planets on full Moon or on new Moon day during any month. Also occurrence of earthquakes, severe lightnings, thunder, Eclipses of Sun and Moon. Visibility of rainbow,......More

Other Effects of Ulkapat

  • Other Effects of Ulkapat 1. If a rainbow is sighted after sunset it indicates riots in the country or death or illness of head of the country. 2. A rainbow appearing in the east brings about rain at a time when there are little prospects of rain. 3. During rainy season,......More

commencement of a new work or a journey

  •  commencement of a new work... Again at the time of commencement of a new work or a journey, the following omens will indicate effects: 1. If a man, animal or bird cuts across your way from the right side, it is a bad omen. But cutting across from the left is auspicious. 2. If......More

Other Omes

  • Other Omes Quick results follow in the following cases: 1. If at the start of a journey one sneezes it denotes obstacles in the work. and when one hears two sneezes it is auspicious. Sneezing while walking portends end of troubles; while holding copper or......More

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