Quassia recipe

Quassia recipe

Add 1/8 cup quassia chips to 3 cups water. Simmer 20-30

minutes. Pour off 1/8 cup now and drink it fresh. Refrigerate

remainder. Drink 1/8 cup 4 times/day, until a total of Ĺ cup of

chips is consumed. Flavor with spices.

Emmenagogue (Menstrual Period Inducer)

Here are four herbs that can each bring on your period. They

can be started anytime but the most-effective time is before your

next calculated period time (count days as if you never missed a


1 oz sassafras bark

1 oz rue (cut)

1 oz marjoram herb

1 oz blue cohosh root

4Ĺ cups boiling water

Add the herbs to the boiling water and turn down to simmer,

covered, for 20 minutes. Do not boil. Strain and refrigerate in

sterile glass jar. Pour one cup for yourself in the morning. Let

warm to room temperature, and sip between meals, making it last

until supper.

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