Muli Paratha


Muli Paratha

Muli Paratha

White Radish Bread


For the Filling

1 tbsp oil

2-3 stems (2 cups) white radish with leaves, washed and grated

3-4 green chillies, chopped

1 tsp dried mango powder

1 tsp red chilli powder

2 tbsp finely-chopped coriander

A pinch of turmeric powder

Salt to taste

For the Dough

1 ½ cups wheat flour

3/4 cup plain flour

4 tbsp ghee

Salt to taste

Oil for frying


For The Filling

1. Heat oil and cook the radish and chillies for three to four minutes. Remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well.

For The Dough

1. Make soft dough with wheat flour, plain flour, ghee and salt. Divide the dough into twelve to fourteen equal parts.

2. Roll out each one into a two inch disc. Place two tablespoons of the radish mixturein the centre and form a small ball. Press it down and roll again to a four inch round paratha.

3. Roast the parathas on a hot griddle with oil. Serve hot with yogurt or green chutney.

Variation: In place of radish you can use spring onions or mint leaves.


Makes 12-14 parathas 

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