Stress Management

Natural treatment of DEPRESSION

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    Depression goes beyond feelings of sadness or suffering from 'the blues'. It is among the leading......More

Natural treatment of Autism

  • 3

    Autism refers to an entire spectrum of disorders that typically appear by the age of 3 and impact on social and communication skills. Symptoms can range from so severe that......More

Natural treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder

  • 4

    Many children are active. They say and do impulsive things and have trouble concentrating. When those characteristics are severe and affect a child's schoolwork and......More

Natural treatment of Anxiety Disorders

  • 5

    Stress and worry are a part of life, but when anxiety - a feeling of apprehension or fear - develops and becomes overwhelming to the point it is disabling, an anxiety......More

Natural treatment of Adjustment Disorders

  • 8

    Adjustment disorders occur when the reaction to stress, such as a death, job loss or divorce causes symptoms more severe than would be expected - severe enough to impact on......More

Natural treatment of Bipolar Disorder

  • 9

    Bipolar disorder is characterized by regular and abrupt mood swings from euphoric 'highs' or periods of intense irritability to severe 'lows'. Around one in......More

Natural treatment of Eating Disorders

  • 1

    Eating disorders have made headlines in recent years as celebrities have confessed to suffering from anorexia nervosa......More

Natural treatment of Personality Disorders

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    Each individual's personality is defined by certain traits and characteristics. But when these behaviour patterns become inflexible and long-lasting, interfering with......More

Natural treatment of Phobias

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    Up to 10 percent of people suffer from phobias, the excessive or irrational fear of an object, situation, activity or animal that will not cause harm in most cases. Phobia......More

Natural treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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    It was once called shell-shock or combat fatigue, but post-traumatic stress disorder affects many more people than war-weary veterans. Anyone who suffers a traumatic or......More

Natural treatment of Schizophrenia

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    Schizophrenia is a severe and chronic mental illness that affects one percent of the population - around 24 million people in the world.......More

Natural treatment of Somatization Disorders

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    In somatization disorder, physical symptoms are present and are quite real, even severe, but no underlying medical illness......More

Natural treatment of Substance Addiction

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    An addiction is a dependence - either physical or psychological, or both - on a substance that creates an overwhelming craving for it, which can damage health, relationships......More

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