Back Of Neck Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Back Of Neck Pain

The back sides of the neck seem to be highways that run

between the teeth and liver. Both contribute to pain at the back of

the neck. Pulling an infected tooth or cleaning a cavitation can

bring complete relief, only to return the next time a tooth is

extracted. Extractions should be followed by cleaning out the

cavity created so an infection can't start here. Cleaning the liver

can also bring immediate relief, only to find pain and stiffness to

return months later. You must cleanse many times for permanent


An allergic reaction to potatoes and tomatoes can express itself

in neck pain too. When the liver can no longer detoxify the

chemicals (solanine, etc.) in this food family they are free to

roam the body with the circulation. Perhaps they prefer to attach

themselves at a particular neck site and cause inflammation here.

Perhaps an injury was already there, beforehand. Whiplash is

often blamed for back-neck pain and indeed chiropractic adjustments

can bring total relief. Perhaps the trauma of whiplash

first invited all of these contributors. Merely killing bacteria with

a zapper is not long lasting. But dental cleanup plus liver

cleansing is.

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