Breast Lumps

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Breast Lumps

Breast lumps may or may not be painful. If you feel one, don't

wait to be more certain, don't wait to analyze it with tests, don't

wait for a doctor's diagnosis or a mammogram. Obtain a

frequency generator or zapper and zap yourself immediately.

Also do the herbal parasite program immediately (page 338).

Your body often turns the breast into a collecting station for

toxic wastes that have been drawn downward from the top of

your body. From your head where shampoo and hair spray and

cosmetics leave their daily deposits, from your dentalware with

its constant supply of heavy metals, from neck and armpits where

cologne, deodorant and soap leave their toxic residues. The

lymph nodes under the armpit and the region above the

breast, collect it all and let it slip into the breast where it is bundled

up in a cyst. Perhaps the kidneys are clogged so toxins are

forced to go to a designated dump site instead of out through the

bladder. Do a kidney cleanse. Don't rest until all your breast

lumps are gone. They will begin to shrink in three weeks if you

are removing the correct toxins. Even radon and asbestos go to

the breast, so be meticulous with your cleanup.

When the platelet count (in a blood test) is very high (over

400) there is quite a tendency to form cysts or lumps since

platelets make your blood clot. The platelet count goes up when

parasites are present. Maybe your blood is attempting to clot

them! These clots make “nests” for fluke stages which may be

why breast lumps often become cancerous. If yours is over 300,

(it should be 250,000/cu mm) start patrolling parasites regularly.

Stopping the use of caffeine and taking vitamin E (400 u. a day)

are helpful in recovery but don't rely on these minor measures.

Breast lumps definitely invite breast cancer.

Leslie Yeager, age 37, had breast soreness and "fibrocystic lumps”.

She had cerium and nickel accumulated in her breasts. They

cleared up in weeks after her dental metal was gone (she simply

took out her retainer). Later she replaced it with a partial made of


Kari Pfeifer, age 36, had numerous cysts in both breasts and uterus.

Her estrogen level was too high (187 pg/ml on day 22 of her cycle;

the day of testing is important since it varies through the cycle).

Her breasts were full of beryllium (coal oil from hurricane lamps)

and radon. After these toxins were removed, all her breast lumps

got smaller. After she did the kidney and Liver Cleanse, the lumps

got softer and breasts were no longer painful. She had several root

canals which filled her breasts with numerous bacteria, mainly

Histoplasma cap (root canals develop infection around

themselves). After starting her dental cleanup and killing bacteria

with a frequency generator, all her breast lumps disappeared.

Claudia Davis, age 41, had breast soreness ever since a mammogram

two years earlier. She had numerous other pains and indigestion.

She had intestinal flukes in her intestine and fluke eggs in

her blood: a dangerous situation. They might land in the breasts

and start developing there. This is how cancer begins. But she did

not have cancer yet. She had a buildup of niobium from polluted

pain killer drugs and thulium from her vitamin C. She had

Salmonella and several other bacteria in her white blood cells,

which accounted for digestive problems. In eight weeks she had

cleaned kidneys, killed parasites and gotten rid of her heavy metals.

Her breast pain was better and a lump on her eyelid had also


Stephanie Nakamura, 68, had six surgeries to remove breast lumps,

going back to youth. Her recent mammogram was O.K. Her

breasts were toxic with cadmium, lead, gold, radon, uranium, gallium,

silver. Our tests showed she had kidney crystals and she was

started on the kidney cleanse. She was given vitamin E, (400 units

daily), sodium selenite (150 mcg daily) and vitamin C (1 or more

grams daily). Her triglycerides were also very high showing again

that she had kidney problems. She was given magnesium (300 mg

daily), vitamin B6 (250 mg daily) and lysine (500 mg daily). She

killed parasites and cleaned up everything except gallium, silver,

mercury, gold, cadmium. These must have come from her gold

crowns. Her dentist advised against removing these and

proclaimed they had nothing to do with her developing glaucoma,

arthritis and stomach ulcers. It was a tough decision for her and

she made the wrong choice. Perhaps if she had been up for the

next breast surgery she would have gotten those “gold” crowns

replaced with composite too.

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