Breast Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Breast Pain

Although lumps and cancer in the breast produce no pain,

they sometimes do give you little warning twinges. These

twinges cross into the breast from the armpit or from any direction.

It is gone in a second, leading one to believe it couldn't be

serious. If the breast has any unusual sensations, painful or not,

investigate immediately.

Test yourself for cancer. (You may use a specimen of

mother's milk as a cancer test since this has mitotic stimulants in

it—see Curing Cancer page 331). If you have purchased a slide

of breast tissue (mammary gland) you can search your breast for

cancer. If not, but you find “mother's milk” in your white blood

cells, assume it is cancer and clear it up immediately.

If you don't have cancer, search for the pollutants giving you

these twinges of pain. Search for your deodorant, cosmetics, and

soap in your white blood cells. Search for dental metal. The

breasts are often full of nickel. Nickel is quite soluble in fat and

the breast is mainly fat. Nickel is one of the top carcinogens

listed by researchers. It could even explain the high incidence of

breast cancer. But titanium and barium from cosmetics, as well

as asbestos and fiberglass are also quickly accumulated in the

breast. Clean up your dentalware and body products. Check for

exposed fiberglass. Change your dryer belt. Buy a new non-CFC

refrigerator. Never try to get rid of these pains with pain killers;

let the pains show you whether the clean up has been complete.

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