Andaman and Nicobar Island

  • ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS Andaman and Nicobar are a group of around 300 richly forested tropical islands, in the middle of the Bay of Bengal. They are situated in between -India and Burma now, Myanmar, and almost touch the tip of Sumatra......More

Andhra Pradesh

  • ANDHRA PRADESH Ancient & Aesthetic Geography, it is said, is always instrumental in shaping the history and culture of a land and Andhra Pradesh is no exception to this. Strategically placed in the heartland of the ancient Deccan,......More


  • BIHAR Bihar is predominantly an agriculture-based state in India, but it is historically and archaeologically important. The capital city is Patna and the main language spoken here is Hindi. Though presently, it is not an industrially well......More


  • DELHI Delhi is the capital city of India. It is a sort of twin cities - Old Delhi and New Delhi. Delhi has the distinction of being the capital city of India. It is the third largest city of India. Old Delhi was the capital city of......More


  • THE GLORIOUS GOA "Pearl of the East", "Rome of the East", "Golden Goa" ..... thus spake the travellers, colonizers, poets and Evangelists over the centuries and the same sense of exuberance prevails in the minds......More


  • GUJARAT The state of Gujarat which is on the west coast of India, has a long and varied history and a number of places of tourist interest. Legend has it that along the south coast are places where events in Lord Krishna's life took......More


  • HIMACHAL PRADESH "Nature I love best, then art, For, Nature is God, and God is nature." Kulu Valley in Himachal Pradesh is known as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Shimla, capital of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the......More


  • JAMMU & KASHMIR Many a poet has said that if there is a heaven on earth, it is Kashmir. If Srinagar is the summer capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, (J & K), Jammu is the winter capital. The capital city of J & K is......More


  • KARNATAKA Kaleidoscope of Culture and Crafts Called as Karu'nadu (elevated land) in ancient times, Karnataka is made up of a series of uplands with an average height of 610 metres above sea level. The Baba Budan range in the western......More


  • KERALA The blurbs describe it as God-made country. The environmentalists find their echo here. The surfers and the sunbathers rave about it as an exotic paradise. The Yoga-buffs find it extraordinarily tranquil and peaceful. It is a......More


  • LAKSHADWEEP Lakshadweep consists of 27 islands which are scattered and are about 200-300 kms off the Kerala coast. They form a northern extension of the Maldives chain. Of the 27 islands, only ten are inhabited. In the descending order......More


  • MADHYA PRADESH Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest state in India. Historically known as Malwa it has a long history. Malwa was very powerful under the great emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty. Ashoka founded the Buddhist centre at......More


  • MAHARASHTRA The story of Maharashtra of yore, is the story of the great warrior class of the Marathas, who, like the Rajputs, another warrior class, fought the entry of the Muslim invaders into India, though, they later fought each other for......More

North-East India

  • NORTH-EAST ASSAM, MEGHALAYA, SIKKIM, ARUNACHAL PRADESH, MANIPUR, TRIPURA, MIZORAM, NAGALAND & WEST BENGAL Before Independence, the whole of the north-eastern territory except West Bengal was known as Assam province. Later......More


  • PONDICHERRY Petite and Picturesque Situated on the Coromandel Coast, about 160 kms. South of Madras, lies the Union territory of Pondicherry. The French ruled this territory for 300 years and today it stands as a living monument of the......More

Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh

  • PUNJAB, HARYANA & CHANDIGARH While Punjab and Haryana are two different states of India, Chandigarh is an Union Territory. The story of Punjab, is a story of its saga of sacrifices made by the Sikhs, and also the story of their......More


  • RAJASTHAN       Rajputs ruled this land for over a thousand years by their bravery and heroism. It is also known as the 'land of kings' .     Its capital city is Jaipur,......More

Tamil Nadu

  • TAMILNADU The Temple Trail Enjoying a long coastline with a large number of excellent beaches dotted along the shores of the Bay of Bengal is Tamilnadu, considered as the gateway to South India. Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and the......More

Uttar Pradesh

  • UTTAR PRADESH Uttar Pradesh in northern India is a state with the highest population. The capital city is Lucknow. The main language spoken here is Hindi. It is one of the great historical and religious centres of India. The Ganges river,......More

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