• Sit on the heels in such way that your right toe overlaps the left toe or left toe overlaps the right toe with heels apart, while keeping the spine straight. Look straight placing your hands on the thighs....More


  • Sit on the ground with the heel of the left foot placed against the any and the right heel against the testicles along the Sivani Nadi (the region which extends in front of the anus over the scrotum and along the lower surface of the penis, is......More


  • Lie down straight on the back, keeping the hands on the side of your hips. First inhale, then raise your legs up to 30 degree and simultaneously raise your head and neck also looking at the both leg toes while stretching the hands on the side of......More


  • With legs stretched sit down straight on the ground. Then fold left leg and place the heel of the left leg at the base of the outstretched right leg. While holding the toe of the right leg with both hands, exhale and touch the head with the right......More


  • Interlock the hand fingers, and stretch the hands upwards above the head and legs downwards. Then come to normal position keeping your hands on the sides of your buttock and legs in normal position....More

Salabhasan (Part-I)

  • Lie with your face downwards and keep one hand over the other kept beneath the abdomen in such a way that the finger points towards the external genitals. The feet should be joined together and the body above and below the waist should be raised......More

Salabhasan (Part-II)

  • In this asana, palms are placed on the ground below the shoulder and the body is raised from the ground together with the palms, with feet joined together and raised above the ground as much as possible....More

Salabhasan (Part-III)

  • Lie down on the ground with face downwards and hands below the thighs. Then raise the lower portion of the body, that is the navel to the feet....More


  • Lie on abdomen. Stretch the arms and extend them forward. The legs and the arms should be raised as high as possible so that the body takes the shape of a boat....More


  • Sit in padmasana. Then lie down backwards while taking support of the hands resting on the elbows. Bend the neck backwards as much as you can. The back and the chest should be raised while the knees should touch the floor. The left foot should......More

Dhanurasana (Bow Posture)

  • Lie on the back with arms close to body and lift the legs gradually so that the toes touch the ground behind the head. Hold the toes with hands. Legs should remain straight. Hold it as long as possible. Release the toes and bring arms back. Feet......More


  • Lie down on your back on the ground, inhaling slowly and lift your both legs at 90° angle. Then, gradually take your both legs to the back of the head, so that the toes touch the ground. The breathing should be normal. In the beginning, the......More


  • Lie flat on your stomach on the ground spreading a carpet or a blanket with the legs touching the toes on the ground. Keep the palms on the ground below the shoulder. Rest on the hands while inhaling and raise the body above the navel portion......More


  • Lie down on the back with the feet on the ground close to your buttocks and palms on the ground, close to the shoulders. Then raise the whole body supporting your hands and legs. After remaining in this posture for some time, the body should......More


  • Lie relaxed on the back like a corpse with hands near the buttock and palms facing upwards, with legs apart and closing the eyes. Let the breath become rhythmic and natural. The whole body is relaxed without any tension on any part of the body....More


  • Lie on the ground, with face downwards and arms stretched forward.  ...More


  • Sit on the ground with left leg folded at the knee, keeping the left heel near the navel. The right foot should then be placed near the left knee on the ground. Cross the right hand over the left leg and hold the left foot. Place the left hand on......More

Ardha - Matsyendrasana

  • Sit on the ground, lift the left foot and place it under the right buttock, lift the right foot to keep it on the outer side of left knee so that the toes do not project beyond the knee. The left arm should be intertwined round the right knee in......More


  • Sit on the ground on the toes with the feet and heels together under the anus. Keep the knees apart and hands open on the knees. With the head downwards and tongue out, concentrate between the eyebrows. Care should be taken that the heels......More

Yoga Mudra

  • Sit in padmasana, cross the hands behind the back and hold the opposite toe. Then bend the head and trunk forward from the hip, placing the forehead on the ground. While exhaling, bend forward to touch the chin on the floor. If the chin cannot......More


  • Sit in vajrasana. While inhaling, raise both the hands upwards, then bend forward stretching the hands forward and then while exhaling touch the forehead, palms and elbows on the ground. Remain in this position up to your capacity. Then, come......More

UstraSana (Camel Posture)

  • Lie on the ground with face downwards and hold both the ankles with the hands, till whole of the body is raised maximum upwards. Remain in this position as long as possible and then release the feet, the palms should return to their original......More

Ustrasana (Part-II)

  • Sit in vajrasana position. While inhaling, raise the body slowly upwards from the waist tilting the head and neck backwards and hold the ankles with the hands. One should be attentive that the toes should touch the ground from inside, lifting the......More


  • Sit on the heel of the bent left leg so that the heel touches the anus. The right leg should be bent so that the right heel touches the left buttock. Care should be taken that the left foot remains straight touching the ground and the toes of the......More


  • Sit in vajrasana. Bend forward with the left hand fist pressing on the navel and the right hand palm above it. While clinching the fist, press the thumb inside with the fingers. Remain in this position for few seconds. While inhaling, come to......More


  • Sit on the ground, stretch both the legs. While exhaling, bend forward and try to touch the head on the knee by holding the feet by the interlocked hand fingers or toes. Remain in this position for few minutes up to your capacity, then while......More


  • Sit on the ground, with legs stretched. Then slowly spread the legs side ways bending the trunk forward, holding the toes with your hands and touch the forehead to the ground. Remain in this posture as long as you can and then return....More


  • Squatting on the ground on the toes, the heels should be raised under the anus. The heels should be joined together. The elbows should be placed on the knees and interlocking fingers under the chin....More


  • Sit on the ground with feet about a foot apart. Keep the hands on the knees and look straight....More


  • Stand on the toes with the arms raised up to the side of the ears with the palms open....More

Urdha- hastttanasana

  • Stand on the ground; with the arms raised and the fingers of the hands interlocked, the trunk should be swung alternately to the right and to the left....More


  • Standing with feet apart as wide as possible, the left hand should touch the left foot and the right arm should be extended upwards by the side of the head. Care should be taken that the body does not lean forward or backward. It should also be......More


  • Stand with one foot apart straight behind the other. One arm should be stretched in front and the other behind, the mouth kept wide open and the tongue thrust out fully. The eyes should be wide open and the gaze fixed between the eyebrows. The......More


  • Stand on the ground with one and half feet apart and arms stretched in front of the chest. First turn towards the left and then towards the right. The arm on which side the body is turning should be kept straight while the other arm should be......More

Aswathasana (Holy Pipal Tree Posture)

  • Standing on the ground, the right foot should be raised back as far as possible. The left arm should be raised upwards and the right arm stretched sideways. It can be repeated, by altering the position of the legs....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-I)

  • Stand erect facing east, with the feet together and placing the palms together with closing eyes....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-2)

  • With open eyes, raise both arms above the head, bending the head and upper trunk backwards....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-3)

  • Bend forward to touch the knees with the forehead and hands with the ground, keeping the legs straight....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-4)

  • Stretch the left leg back as far as possible, bending at the right knee. The arms should be lifted upwards and backwards. The head should be tilted backwards....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-5)

  • The left foot should be brought back to its initial position with a jerk while lowering the arms and the right foot should be carried backwards....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-6)

  • The arms are gradually lifted upwards and the chest is arched slightly backwards as in position number 4....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-7)

  • Lowering the hands to touch the ground, the feet should be taken backwards. Raise the buttocks and lower the head so that it lies between the two arms. Keep the legs and arms straight....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-8)

  • Supporting the whole body on the hands and the feet, lower the body to such an extent that it should remain just above the surface of the ground....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-9)

  • Bend the head backwards, raising the body from the waist by straightening the arms....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-l0)

  • Keep the head low to repeat the position of the right foot should be brought back to its initial position with a jerk. While lowering, the arms and the right foot should be carried backwards....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-11)

  • The feet should be brought forward between the hands with a jump to repeat the position. Then bend forward to touch the knees with the forehead and hands with the ground, keeping the legs straight....More

Surya Namaskara (Position-12)

  • This is the final pose and is the same as in the first position. Stand erect facing east, with the feet together and placing the palms together and placing the palms together with closing eyes....More


  • First of all, lie down straight on your back on the carpet/dari spread on the ground, keeping the hands on the side of the buttock. Slowly raise the legs at 30 degree, 60 degree and finally 90 degree on inhaling, with the support of your hands......More

Vayuyanasana (Aeroplane Posture)

  • Lie down with your face downwards. Spread the arms and legs apart. Raise the head and legs simultaneously from the ground, balancing the body on the navel....More

Uttanmandukasana (Stretching - Frog Posture)

  • Sitting in vajrasana, move the whole body backwards so that the head touches the ground. The arms should be raised and clasped behind the head. ch...More

Supta Vajrasana

  • Sit in vajrasana. Bend backwards, with support on the arms and elbows to touch the head to the ground. Place the hands on the thighs. ch...More


  • Stand on the ground with a distance of a foot apart in front and the other behind it. Then keep your mouth wide open, thrusting out the tongue fully. With your eyes wide open, look in between your eyebrow centre. Keep your respective hands in......More

Ardha- Shalabhasan

  • Lying on the abdomen, keep both the hands under the thigh and then lift your legs one by one....More

Supta Padangustha Nasasparsasan

  • Lie on the back. Raise both legs to touch the nose with the toes and hold them there....More

Akarna Dhanurasan

  • Holding the left toe with the right hand, pull up towards the right ear. Hold the right foot with the left hand. Repeat on the other side. Breathing normal...More

Sirshasana (Head-stand Posture)

  • Sit in vajrasana. Bend forward and place the forearms on the ground with fingers interlocked and the elbows in front of the knees. Place the crown of the head between the interlocked hands. Lift the knees off the ground and raise the buttocks......More

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