Agnisar kriya

Simple form - Sit in vajrasana, keeping the toes together and separate the knees as far as possible. Place the hands on the knees, keep the arms straight and lean forward slightly. Open the mouth and extend the tongue outside. Breathe rapidly in and out while simultaneously expanding and contracting the abdomen. Breathe in and out at least 25 times.

Advanced form - Assume the same pose as for the simple form. Exhale as deeply as possible. Perform jalandhara bandha. Rapidly contract and expand the abdominal muscles for as long as you are able to retain the breath.

It removes disorders of the stomach and abdomen, such as gas constipation, sluggishness of the liver. It tones all the abdominal organs and stimulates the appetite. It is a preparation for uddiyana bandh and mantra kriya.

Precaution It should not be practiced by people with high blood pressure, heart problems and peptic or duodenal ulcers.

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