Ardha - Matsyendrasana

Sit on the ground, lift the left foot and place it under the right buttock, lift the right foot to keep it on the outer side of left knee so that the toes do not project beyond the knee. The left arm should be intertwined round the right knee in such a way that the toes of the right foot can be held by the left hand. Then encircling the back, the right hand should be brought to a position so that it may touch the right foot. It should be repeated with the right foot under the left buttock.


This asana is very helpful for diabetes as it affects pancreas thereby helping in secretion of insulin, which helps in digestion of carbohydrate foods. It strengthens the nerves and helps in urinary problems. It reduces the fat of the abdomen, buttock and thighs.

The bulginess of stomach is reduced by the practice of this asana. It also helps in removing the worms in stomach. Moreover regular practice of this asana unifies prana and apana in susuma and helps in awakening kundalini shakti or the serpent power for self-realization. Those who are having problem of sciatica, backache and cervical can practice this asana to get relief from pain.

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