Aswathasana (Holy Pipal Tree Posture)

Standing on the ground, the right foot should be raised back as far as possible. The left arm should be raised upwards and the right arm stretched sideways. It can be repeated, by altering the position of the legs.

It helps in high blood pressure, asthma and back pain. This asana is extremely useful for women, as it can be practiced even during pregnancy. This asana prevents unusual stresses and strains developed in the respiratory system during pregnancy. It also improves the circulation of the blood and even alleviateslabour pains.
By the practice of this asana, the 10 vayus present in our body are circulated properly. This asana allows a greater intake of oxygen and greater release of carbon dioxide and other gaseous impurities from the body, like pipal tree. The pipal tree releases oxygen day and night where as other trees release oxygen in the day and carbon dioxide in the night. It enhances prana, vayu in the body, which is very essential for the body. This is the reason whyaswathasana is named as holy pipal tree posture due to its many benefits like pipal tree.

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