The technique of washing and toning the large intestine. Stand in water up to the navel. A flowing river is an ideal place. Lean forward and place the hands on the knees. Perform uddiyan bandha and nauli in such a manner that water is drawn into the bowels. Hold the water in the bowels for some time and then expel it through the anus. (Beginners, in order to make the practice easier, may insert a short tube into the anus. This technique should be learned under the guidance of an expert.

With this technique, the colon is cleaned and purified, old stool is removed and gas expelled. It cures abnormal growth of abdomen, spleen, liver, diseases of eyes, 25 kinds of urethral irregularities, dyspepsia, constipation, piles, fistula, pimples, boils, acidity, irregularities of the bowels etc.

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