Sit on the heel of the bent left leg so that the heel touches the anus. The right leg should be bent so that the right heel touches the left buttock. Care should be taken that the left foot remains straight touching the ground and the toes of the right foot also touch the ground. The right arm should be raised and bent at the elbow behind the shoulder towards the back. The left arm should be bent upwards behind the back so that all the fingers of both the hands are interlocked. The same procedure is repeated by changing the position of the hands and legs.


This asana is very helpful in asthma, bronchitis and high blood pressure. The practice of this asana gives strength to the feet, knees and waist.

It cures gynaecological problems, excessive urination, liver and kidney ailments. This asana helps in arthritis and gout. It is beneficial in hydrosol and enlargement of the intestines. The practice of this asana gives strength to the lungs and purifies the blood.

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