Moorcha Pranayama

This exercise requires a steady and firm asana, best options being the padmasana and sidhasana. Inhale through both nostrils while bending the head backwards.

Sambhavi mudra The inhalation should be slow and deep. Retain the breath inside for as long as you can comfortably maintain sambhavi mudra. Keep the arms straight by locking the elbows and pressing the knees with the hands. Then exhale while bending the arms, closing the eyes and slowly bending the head so that it faces forward again. Relax the whole body for a few seconds, keeping the eyes closed and experiencing the lightness and calmness in the mind and body. This is one round. Repeat the same process.

This is an excellent preparation for meditation. It enables one to draw the mind inward and reach a psychic state where external experiences such as hearing and feeling disappear. It inflicts tranquility in the whole body and mind and is therefore useful for removing tensions, anxiety and anger. It is beneficial for persons who suffer from neurosis or mental problems.

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