Sitali Pranayama

Sit in a comfortable position, keeping both the palms on the knees in gyana mudra. Close the eyes and draw the tongue. Roll it up from the sides to form a channel like the birds' beak. Slowly and deeply suck the air through it and fill the lungs completely. After full inhalation, withdraw the tongue and close the mouth. Perform jalandhara bandh and moolbandh simultaneously. Retain the breath inside for a while, then release the bandh and slowly exhale through both the nostrils. Complete the required number of rounds. Sitali pranayama can be performed with any bandh, depending upon the condition of the patients.

It cools down the nervous system, and improves the working efficiency of the liver, spleen and digestive system, purifying blood-removing toxins from the system. It is useful during fever, high blood pressure and mental tension.

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