Main Trends

The year 2014 is full of good opportunities and favorable periods for the Ariens. Most of the year, the transit of the planets for those born under this Sun sign will be quite encouraging, blessing them in almost all the important areas - career, wealth, and health.

Starting the year with a lucky period, there are gains almost throughout the year - both in monetary and non-monetary forms. You will be quite comfortable and content on matters of home, family, people and enjoyment. Socially as well as professionally, you will have plenty of opportunities to form new contacts and friendships, all of which are going to give you good results in the coming years.

Some of the auspicious promises on the cards for you during the year are:

·          Happy domestic life.

·          Feeling of self-importance.

·          Fame & eminence.

A change of place is also indicated. Those connected with communication will face some tough time. A long- pending litigation and court case, if any, will settle in your favor.

Those who have an adventurous mindset and are involved in trekking or mountaineering must take cautions all the way. Unexpected journey, especially to holy places, is in store for you this year.


Life at home is great and vibrant. You have excellent relations with all the members of the family, giving and taking love, care, affection and understanding.

You are a first-class, considerate and watchful parent, thoroughly enjoying the company of your kids who some- times give you reason for concern or tension on account of their academic performance. Overall, good interaction with children is on the cards.

Your partner may face ill-health and hospitalization. If you have younger siblings, they may have to face some tough time in their life. Health of a family member - especially your younger brother - might need special attention.

There are good possibilities of extension, modification and beautification at home.


Like other aspects of life being good for you in 2014, your health too will be blessed by the stars. Due to hectic schedule and long working hours at times, you may feel slightly indisposed and complain of indigestion, common cold and fever. Due to extreme work pressure and wrong lifestyle, there might be some natural disturbance causing ill health and even serious concerns for those who have chronic problems. Take time off to visit your family doctor, to undertake regular health check-ups, and to take care of your health.

Those suffering from chronic ailments need more care. You could have some arm and shoulder problem which need consultation with the specialist.

Love & Romance

Your love continues to grow intense and intimate in the year 2014. A good husband / wife or a good lover is the role you choose to play intently, keenly and romantically. For the single, there could also be possibility of marriage getting fixed. There is warmth of personal relation along with comfortable intimacy.

In matters of romance and love, you have impulsive and deep emotions. Love is important to you and you will respond to kind treatment. You will convey your love not only through emotions and feelings but through expensive gifts and travel to exotic locations - since you are expected to be quite comfortable monetarily.


Dream big, plan big and achieve big!! There are lots of promises over the year for you to expand your business, get promotions & increments, and improve your career prospects and whatever else is possible in this context.

This is the time to make improvements at the professional level and get benefits from the same. Some unexpected trips abroad, related to your job, will consume a lot of energy and enthusiasm. At the same time, you will get good dividends for them.

Be tolerant towards the unethical moves of your opponents and exercise caution and patience instead of reacting to the actions of your competitors. For, in the long run you are going to win hands down. Just try to think ahead of the game, use your brain and not just brawn. In case you are searching for a job, a great opportunity will come your way.


Students are advised to properly study for the exam and not go for last minute preparations. Otherwise, they may end up having an academic break and the resultant depression. So study well and revise all the lessons; this will provide you much needed comfort. 


Monthly Round-up

January- period of joy and celebrations, misunderstanding between friends, competition, some legal matters, happy parents; satisfactory performance by students; February - involvement in commercial matters, social gatherings, positive developments in the professional sphere, disruption in communications, travel to some place having scenic beauty, care with your finances; time to develop your inner qualities; March - life moving in right direction, income from multiple sources, socializing and making new friends, secret deal; family pleasures; April- change of place / change of job, family members' supportive at the work, minor disruptions; worry related to health of family members; May - anxiety and apprehension about your future, health, performance in studies, not be up to the mark, tighten the strings of your purse, make proper use of finance, frequent travel; June - matters returning to normal, evolved and elevated state of mind, higher standards of work quality, beautifying home, maximizing your gains, excitement, fun and pleasure; July - sibling, friends, neighbors and people at large in focus, peaceful domestic life; relaxed mind; August _ all-round development, family, children, creativity, state of bliss and internal peace; establishing professional and personal stability, perusing your cherished goals; September - hectic work schedule, health of self / spouse a cause of worry, expenses going overboard; leaning towards religion, better relations with people who matter, repetitive routine, relation with siblings in focus, financial worries and competition; October - rough patch or slowdown for a short phase, worry or anxiety about job security, unexpected issue relating to partnership, health problems; too much work; November - good results, kids develop a disobedient nature, beware of somebody trying to guard your data, possibility of partner cheating; mix of business and pleasure, attempt to malign your reputation; December - excellent month in your personal as well as professional life, opportunities for those in education field. 


The Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty was a national hero for his success as a statesman and military leader. But despite his fame, power, and wealth, he considered himself a humble and devout Buddhist. Often he visited his favorite Zen master to study under him, and they seemed to get along very well. The fact that he was the Prime Minister apparently had no effect on their relationship, which seemed to be simply one of a revered master and respectful student.

One day, during his usual visit, the Prime Minister asked the master, "Your Reverence, what is egotism according to Buddhism?" The master's face turned red, and in a very condescending and insulting tone of voice, he shot back, "What kind of stupid question is that!?"


This unexpected response so shocked the Prime Minister that he became sullen and angry. The Zen master then smiled and said, "THIS, Your Excellency, is egotism." 

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