Major Trends

The year 2014 brings a bagful of promises which will unfold as the year progresses. Of course, there has to be an 'other side' also. Therefore, you have to be ready for challenges, some not-so-pleasant situations and a few results not as per your expectations. But the cosmos has decided to give you much more this year than just a few challenges.

You make a big difference at home and at work as you bring creativity and inspiration. Love and romance bring personal relationships to a point of commitment. You have a renewed sense of security and inner peace in all your relationships, as you realize that you have the power to create the life you desire. You feel quite energized with this balanced equation, and easily share your insights with your partner, friends and family.

You have to be true to yourself this week whatever it takes. You spend time in happy activity and natural surroundings. Take care of health and finances.

The year 2014 will make professional life very hectic and also demanding. Thus you must keep your hopes, mood and thoughts in a positive and encouraging mode. Do not entertain any plan of making quick money. A practical approach is the best

Overall, it would be an auspicious year with regard to career/business and finance on one side and love and romance on the other, while you have to be careful for the children and avoid tensions due to change in equations at home.


Overall, the year 20 II will be quite pleasing and uneventful on the health front. As per the planetary positions and astrological predictions, the year 2014 brings a healthy and vital time for all Capricorn natives.

There might be few and occasional health problems that will be very minor in nature and not at all troublesome - provided you do not have any history of chronic ailment or don't ignore the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle. At times you might experience minor digestive or nervous problems, but the overall health scenario will be smooth. As per the planetary position in the later part of the year, it is strongly recommended that you keep yourself away from tensions and stress. Nothing has ever been achieved by worrying except health problems.


There would be a mixed picture in the family and relationships of a Capricorn native. It might bring slight disappointment/unpleasantness at the beginning but it will gradually die down and bring in the feeling of reconciliation. It is well within the scope of your will- power and efforts to ensure that your home environment is harmonious, and this energy will manifest in all other areas of your life as well.

You must not get disappointed or hold yourself responsible if there are some upheavals in the family life and relationships, as this situation will not prevail for very long. Such situations arise as at times, when due to your busy schedules, prior commitments, travel and other demands on your time, you are not able to devote your- self to domestic matters as much as you would like to. It would be advisable to take special care of your father's health and also keep your spouse in a cheerful mood. At- tribute all the turbulences that might be encountered to the planetary positions. The later months of the year 2014 will be very comfortable and full of love between family members. Overall, the year 2014 will be blissful towards family life, thus bringing satisfaction and contentment to Capricorn natives.

love & Romance

As you continue to trust your spirit, you will receive the love you want. The state of equilibrium and truthfulness will become the most important assets to you as you harmonize your thoughts with your expressions. Express your deepest needs, and you wi.1I ~e more rela~e? about sharing the beauty you feel inside. In realizing the changes within your consciousness, your relationships strengthen.

The later months of the year might make some of you go through marital strain. During such circumstances, the only thing that would come to your rescue is sticking to right values and principles. Overall, the married life of Capricorn natives will be full of zest and happiness this year. They are certainly going to enjoy their marital and love life throughout the year.


The year 2014 will be quite exciting for Capricornians who work as HR professionals, doctors, surgeons, chemists, and beauticians, interior decorators, fashion designers, models, marketing executives and trainers. The astrological predictions for year 20 11 indicate that the year is going to bring for them promotion and development. The initial months of the year may cause some disturbance in investments and expenditures. But this situation will gradually improve in the later part of the year. Those looking for fresh job opportunities will get the desired results in the second half of the year.

The financial position will be upbeat and lucrative for you. Success will be met by those professionals also who work in hospitality and entertainment industry. It is astrologically advised not to make heavy investments during first half of the year as the investments would not give desired profits



The transit of Ketu in the later part of the year over the 5th house is not favorable for students. It is a tough time. Pre-planning and hard work is necessary. You have to put in your best efforts to perform well; otherwise there could be an atmosphere of confusion causing mental stress. Chances of long distance journeys - perhaps to foreign lands - are possible. 

Monthly Round-up

January- increase in scope of responsibilities, traveling, harmonious relations, success in day-to-day working; overseas traveling; February - auspicious hint of success and fine reputation, excellent financial benefits, salary increment, domestic harmony, self confidence; March - financial position will improve, relationship problems, occasional tiffs, ego problems, money matters, work issues, court decision could be beneficial, social life, intellectual arrogance, analytical approach; April - practical approach, avoid greed, improve health, greater progress, sincere efforts, combined purposes, happiness in family, good relations with co-borns; May - socializing, entertaining at home, glorious time, multi-tasking, spending lavishly on decoration, exciting opportunities to earn money; June - new thoughts, ideas, or inspirations, glide over minor glitches, minor financial problem, partially recovered, aimless journeys; July _ experimentation, trial and error, persistent approach, minor arguments, need to control your anger and bitterness, health and great mental vitality; August - success, comforts of life, warmth of love and affection, expansion and diversification, turning obstacles into opportunities; September - professional ventures, spiritual growth, meditation and inner tranquility, clarity of mind, attitudes, values and priorities, period of fluctuations, domestic chores; October -secret deals or exchanges, suitable opportunity, think positively, potential exists to boost to your career, good mood, spiritual connection; November _ looking at and understanding future trends, working on the priorities, appointments, partnerships, long-term commitments; December - promise for success in legal disputes and litigations, upbeat mood, parties, group gatherings, business networking or meetings, gains, going abroad, holidays, control over mind, victory over enemies, favor from Government.


Thich Nhat Hanh

One day, when the Buddha was sitting in the woods with some monks, a farmer came by looking for his cows. He said, 'Monks, I am so unhappy. I have 12 cows and I don't know why they have all run away. I also have a few acres of a sesame plantation and the insects have eaten up everything. I suffer so much, I feel like killing myself.'

The Buddha replied, 'My friend, we have not seen any cows passing by here. You might like to look for them in the other direction.'


The farmer thanked him and left. The Buddha turned to his monks and said: 'My dear friends, you are the happiest people in the world. You don't have any cows to lose. If you have too many cows to take care of, you will be very busy. To be happy, you learn the art of cow releasing. You release them one by one. In the beginning you thought those cows were essential to your happiness. You tried to acquire more of them. But now you find that they are really an obstacle to your happiness. So release them.' 

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