Capricron Zodiac Sign For 2014



(December 22 to January 20)

Symbol: The Goat

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Earth-Cardinal- Negative


The sign of the Priest, the Administrator.

Personality: Practical, ambitious, diplomatic, tolerant, orthodox, determined unscrupulous, dependable but cautious.

Positive Qualities: Efficient, disciplined, logical, quiet and reserved, hardworking and reasonable.

Negative Qualities: Suspicious and cold, selfish, inhibited, resentful, pessimistic, obstinate and resentful, hard-headed.

Your Nature and Personality

Yours is the 10th sign of the Zodiac. You are the most able, ambitious, energetic person in the world. That's because of your ruling planet Saturn. It endows you with enormous drive, dash and push. You are a social climber and you seldom stumble on your way to the top. You court success!


But Saturn also has a limiting and restricting influence on you all through your life. It makes you absorbed in your own self to the point of being heartless. It also makes you orthodox and conservative.

You cannot be easy and free with people. You have a lot of inhibitions and cannot have lighthearted larks. Your actions are calm and deliberate.

You respect authority and honor tradition.

You are wary and cautious of people, even suspicious. Not a social creature, you tend even to be of a melancholy disposition.

You are hard working as well as a good organizer.

Your desire for power and money - coupled with your ability and efficiency - even makes you cold and unscrupulous in the pursuit of your supreme ambition.

Your Personal Relationships

As a father, with your ambition and energy, you are very demanding. You provide your children with lots of opportunity but expect them to reach very high standards - standards set by you. You have to try to be more understanding and encouraging. Children need warmth and lightheartedness too from their parents.

As a mother, the Capricorn mother is undemonstrative though she does her best for the children. In your effort to make them successful in life, you may push them beyond what they are capable of Guard against these tendencies. Show them what you feel for them. Don't be too hard on them.

As a friend, you are not open and gregarious by nature, and not a good mixer. You also are a bit of a snob. But once you get yourself a friend, you are faithful and dependable. Try to be little more open and generous in spirit - if you want to have friends in life.

Your Career


Capricornians are very ambitious; they need challenges to be happy and are rarely in subordinate positions for long. They are referred to as the workhorse of the Zodiac. Conscientious and attentive, determined and persistent- they will do that whatever it takes. Goats need work that requires lots of responsibility and are conscientious.

Whether they are materials managers or hospital administrators, you can count on them to run the show in a very organized and responsible way. Their earthy sensibilities are best suited to jobs that involve material goods. Banking, manufacturing and building are all good industries for Capricornians to pursue.

As they tend to be workaholics, they are best for the jobs of administration manager, editor, banker, IT, and anything that is technology/science related.

Just as the mountain-goat climbs on to get to the top, Capricornians enjoy working hard and getting things done. Their patient, practical and conservative approach helps them persevere where others might give up. They are superb as leaders and actually prefer this role, since it gives them a measure of control and they love authority and power. They also crave independence and would feel just fine in an Ivory Tower office, directing executives and staff down below. Capricornians are well-suited as generals, administrators, ministers, managers, computer wizards and engineers.

Capricornians are highly organized, thorough and methodical. Therefore, career lines that suit them are those that require mental ability and hard work and provide scope for reaching the top such as businesses dealing with oil, petrol, land, irrigation, agriculture, law, scientific instruments, mines, chemicals etc.

Your Dual Nature - Cusp born

A Cusp is the imaginary line between two consecutive signs in the Zodiac. When, at the moment of birth the sun is straddling both the signs, the person is said to be 'born in a cusp'. Many astrologers believe that he/she is influenced by both the signs.

If you were born between December 19-25, then you are at the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn.

Those born on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp are practical, realistic, ambitious, disciplined, determined and dedicated to achieving their goals.

Practical and realistic, at times you can be rigid and unforgiving when others stand in your way. Sagittarius/ Capricorn make great teachers and architects as you are able to get things moving efficiently in a remarkably short space of time and are interested in mental exploration. You are known to be hard-working, self-controlled and self-reliant.

If you were born between January 18-21 then you are at the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius.


Those born on the Capricorn! Aquarius cusp are inclined to be philanthropists. Friendship is important to you and generally you are reserved, careful and stable. At the same time you could also be critical or too orthodox. You are scientific and inventive in your approach and, at times, friends find you unpredictable.

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