चाणक्य की जीवनी | Biography of Chanakya in English


Approx. 375 BC – 225 BC)

Chanakya Life Introduction – History – Biography of Chanakya in Hindi

Chanakya was born in a very poor family. They also called ‘Kautilya’ due to their fierce and mysterious nature. His name was probably also ‘Vishnugupta’. Chanakya received education at Takshshila, a great education center of that time. After 14 years of study, at the age of 26, he completed his education of sociology, politics and economics, and also did teaching work in Nalanda. He was a strong supporter of the monarchy They are also known as ‘Meikivali of India’.


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There is such a legend that once he was insulted for some reason in Magadha’s court, then he had taken the initiative of the destruction of the Nand-dynasty. He sat Chandragupta Maurya on the throne and in fact fulfilled his vow and erased the Nand-Dynasty to establish the Maurya dynasty. Chanakya was also an ambassador of the country’s integrity, so he gave the Greek invaders out of India by Chandragupta and gave freedom to the people suffering from the atrocities of Nand-dynasty.
Acharya Chanakya is considered to be the most intelligent patron of Indian history. He has rendered his political theories in the book, ‘Economics’, whose importance is still accepted. Many universities have also set ‘Economics’ of Kautilya (Chanakya) in its curriculum.

The genuine credit for the establishment of the Great Maurya dynasty goes to the wonderful diplomat Chanakya. Chanakya was a scholar, visionary and a strong man, and was a master of economics, politics and diplomacy.

Chanakya’s name will remain immortal in history for the sake of politics, patriotism and people’s work. Even after nearly 2300 years have passed, their pride has not been darned. Chanakya is a very strong and wonderful personality in the history of India. By creating the basis of their diplomacy, a very popular ‘Protarakshasan’ drama is also written in Sanskrit.

Death – BC 225