Saturday, December 14, 2019

4Remedy is the world’s largest community of achievers, engaging millions of users daily

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With over million fans across its social media networks and more than million website page views each month, 4Remedy is the ultimate destination for brands looking to skyrocket their reach in the field of personal development.

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The 4Remedy Audience

Eager to acquire new knowledge and passionate about continuously improving different aspects of their lives, 4Remedy users don’t just consume our content — they act on it. Our core verticals include self-improvement, relationships, well-being and fitness, books and learning, career and entrepreneurship, and leadership.

While 4Remedy believes that growth and learning transcend age, economic status and education level, the fact that we inspire millennials (51% of our audience), that 55% of our of users are college-educated, and that the majority of our users earn between $50,000 and $149,000 annually might be of value to your brand.

Partnership opportunities

Through brand partnerships anchored in powerful content that has the potential to change lives, we give you access to multi-platform, personalized solutions.

Branded content

From articles to social videos, tell your brand narratives through 4Remedy’s inspiring storytelling and socially optimized packaging.


We can take your public speaking events to the next level with premium in-person activations.

Online Courses

Bring your coaching and training materials to a new, highly engaged audience who has a relentless desire to improve.

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