Chanakya in Hindi, 12 Interesting Facts about Acharya Chanakya

Chanakya Niti

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Today we will talk about a man who has not had a big leader till today. Whose policies, whose quotes are still read by people. His name was ‘Acharya Chanakya’.

Chanakya was born in 371 BC in a Brahmin family. The name of the father was ‘Chanak’ who was a teacher, that was his name ‘Chanakya’. Their caste was ‘Kautil’, the second name of this was ‘Kautilya’. His father named him Vishnugupta as his real name.

2. Acharya Chanakya studied in ‘Takshshila University’. Later on, he became a teacher too. Chanakya’s interest was in politics since childhood.

3. After becoming a teacher Chanakya went to Pataliputra. Go there and become a scholar in the court of the Nand dynasty of Magadha Empire. One day there was a fight between Chanakya and Raja Dhanand, the king insulted Chanakya in court itself. Chanakya then opened its peak and said till the Nand empire was destroyed, till then the peak would not be built.

4. After this, Chanakya chose Chandragupta Maurya, and at the age of only 19 years, he took it to power. This was the beginning of the Maurya Empire, which later became the cause of Dhananand’s defeat. Due to good gains on Chanakya’s political and philosopi, the Maurya Empire could become India’s largest empire.

5. Chanakya was a very intelligent man, he made such plans that there are hundreds of back-ups in every situation. Meaning, the defense of the condition, whatever it was, was sure. He could have thought far ahead.

6. Chanakya had full knowledge of medicine and astronomy too. He had mastered ‘samudra shastra’, by which he used to tell only after seeing the person’s face and what was thinking in front of him.

7. Chanakya has always said that women should not rely on. It is less moral character and lies. But it does not apply to all women. According to him, ‘a good woman is she who is holy, skillful in household chores and being faithful to her husband’ He does not say that every woman is bad and neither does it show that every man is innocent.

8. ‘Chanakya Niti’ is so tremendous that even today the leaders of the world and India use it to make foreign relations better.

9. Chanakya united all the states of India to fight Alexander the Great. He also made an army of young girls, named ‘Vishankanya’. Chanakya used to use these girls to kill and kissing the enemy because poisoning was also done in their kissing.

10. Acharya Chanakya gave a little poison to Chandragupta Maurya through food, so that the poisonous attacks of the enemy would not have any effect on him. (Meaning there is no effect of poison in the food). One day, Chandragupta shared the food with his queen who was 9 months pregnant. He died of poison. But Chanakya saved her child by cutting her belly. The name of this child was named ‘Bindevara’.

11. In the last days of life, Chandragupta became absorbed in penance and Bindusara was made king. Chanakya still remained the advisor of Bindusar. But a Kusuti conspiracy was created to create misery between Chanakya and Bindusara. The mastermind of this conspiracy was, the minister of Bindseer, ‘Subhadhu’. The point had given Chanakya a great deal of respect. It did not like Sundrandu. Sudbandhu in some way gave Bindusar to believe that Chanakya had killed your mother only. Then what was Bindusara without knowing the whole case, got angry at Chanakya. So leaving Chanakya house bar, left the jungle and left food and drink. When Bindusar realized the reality then he became embarrassed and persuaded him. But he did not believe and at the same time hungry thirsty left the body.