Crystal Therapy




Opaque stone (may be colour-infused)                    


Easily available    


United States, Namibia, Britain, Spain, Morocco                 

ATTRIBUTES The delicate blue of Blue Aragonite derives from copper, a powerful energy conduit that heightens and grounds spiritual communication. Copper has long been sacred to the goddess of love, Venus, and this gentle stone purifies and aligns all the subtle bodies' with the physical and balances yin-yang energies, leading to optimum well-being.

Uniting the third eye, throat and heart chakras, Blue Aragonite assists in expressing spiritual vision. Psychologically, this stone instils a sense of resolute optimism and assists in finding the source of problems you encounter, turning them into opportunities for evolution. Blue Aragonite is useful for inner-child' work and for manifesting your soul's plan for the present life.

Emotionally, this stone uplifts and calms the spirit and facilitates the expression of deep emotions. To attract more love into your life, and especially if you yearn for your spiritual twin flame. programme Blue Aragonite to call this into your life now.

Physically, Blue Aragonite assists with any form of breath- or voice- work, strengthening the lungs and throat. It assists in being comfortable within your physical body.

Environmentally, it is a powerful earth-healer' and soul-healer. Gridded' around a house, Blue Aragonite keeps the environment stable and harmonious and transmutes pollution and negativity of any kind.

HEALING Beneficial for stress, cellular memory, Reynauds disease and releasing spasm. It supports the respiratory tract.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.



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