Benefits of HALITE

Crystal Therapy


White, pink, blue                


Fragile, crusty transparent small or large cubic crystals       


Easily obtained    


United States, France, Germany, North Africa     

ATTRIBUTES Efficient for purification, Halite stimulates spiritual discernment and multi-dimensional evolution. Spiritually, by drawing out any impurities lodged in your soul or etheric bodies' and creating inner balance, Halite assists in harnessing your will to the guidance of your Higher Self and creates a more objective perspective. This protective stone guards against negative energies, entity' attachment or psychic attack', especially when under the influence of drink or drugs or in spaced-out spiritual states. It is particularly useful if you become the object of someone else's unreasonable lust or needy feelings.

Psychologically, Halite dissolves old patterns, negative thoughts and ingrained feelings, such as anger, and helps you to transcend problems. Ameliorating anxiety and bringing contentment. Halite transmutes feelings of abandonment or rejection, promoting emotional well-being and increasing goodwill.

Physically, this stone stimulates the meridians' of the body and enhances acupuncture or acupressure, grounding' the healing properties of other crystals.

HEALING Supports detoxification, metabolism and cellular memory; beneficial for water retention, intestinal problems, bi-polar disorder, respiratory disorders and the skin.

POSITION Place in your immediate environment or a pouch. As it quickly absorbs negative energy and damp, cleanse frequently in brown rice and keep in a dry place, but place in the bath or under shower for purification (it dissolves, cleansing the energies).


Pink Halite is effective for detaching entities and spirit possession and for preventing reattachment or fresh spirit attachment'. This colour encourages spiritual development. raising personal vibrations, stimulating metaphysical abilities' and removing negativity. Emotionally, it facilitates well-being and a sense of being loved. Psychologically, it dispels a sense of oppression and acts as a diuretic.

Blue Halite is an efficient opener for metaphysical gates. It heightens intuition and encourages mystical awareness. It reprogrammes a distorted vision of reality and cleanses mental attachments or undue influence from the third eye and the subtle bodies'. Physically, this stone is beneficial for iodine absorption, and the thyroid, thymus and thalamus.



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