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ATTRIBUTES Symbolizing the many lifetimes of the soul, a Phantom facilitates broader spiritual awareness and assists with transitions. Taking you travelling through multi- or inner-dimensions', it strips away the layers to reveal your spiritual core. Karmically", Phantom Quartz assists in accessing the Akashic Record', recovering repressed memories and reframing' or renegotiating past contracts, facilitating visits to the between-lives state' to discover your current soul plan' and to release outdated soul imperatives'. Smoothing transitions of all kinds, it shows what your next step could be.

Psychologically, a Phantom reconciles your shadow' and reveals the gifts it holds. Physically, this stone activates healing ability and facilitates healing the physical body through amendments to the etheric blueprint'. Environmentally, it stimulates healing for the planet, realigning detrimental landscape patterns.

HEALING See individual colours, below.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


White Phantom speeds the transmission of light and information between higher realms and the earth, opening the recipient to receive healing across huge distances and unbounded time. This stone can perform etheric surgery and remove impacted layers of karma, opening the way for multi-dimensional cellular memory- healing to occur and the karma of grace' to operate. Particularly useful for contacting guides and stimulating clairaudience, it enhances meditation, releases ingrained patterns and is beneficial for hearing disorders.


Amethyst Phantom facilitates accessing the pre-birth state' and the plan for your present lifetime, assisting evaluation of the progress made with soul lessons for your current incarnation. This stone brings about multi-dimensional cellular healing and is particularly useful for understanding the diseases' that lie behind psychiatric illnesses.

Green Phantom acts on the earth, base, solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras to keep you grounded and protected, creating a psychic shield. Chlorite-included Green Phantom rapidly absorbs negative energy and toxins and clears a build-up of negative energy anywhere in the body or environment. This stone assists with the removal of energy implants, accessing their source in this or any other life (use under the guidance of an experienced therapist). A large Chlorite Phantom placed point down in the lavatory cistern energetically cleanses the house. Green Phantom ameliorates panic attacks, stabilizes bi-polar disorder and helps with self-realization. Some Green Phantoms formed from other minerals create a powerful healer that accelerates recovery. Green Phantom facilitates angelic contact and clarifying clairaudient communication. It alleviates despair and helps you feel supported.

Yellow Phantom is an intellectually-attuned stone that assists the mind in recalling and reorganizing memories and thought patterns, acting as a link to the higher mind. The inclusion' is Limonite, a stone that stimulates intellectual activities of all kinds. This phantom removes mental attachments or influences' from this life or any other. It unites the third eye, crown, past-life and solar plexus chakras to bring insights into the emotional and psychological effects of previous experiences and the reason why the soul chose to undergo these.

Orange Phantom, Carnelian included, strongly energizes and rejuvenates, activating and harmonizing the solar plexus, third eye, heart and sacral chakras to enhance creativity. Orange Phantom is helpful in overcoming an addictive personality, ending the constant search for even more and focusing on recovery. The paler-coloured Phantom enables journeying' to contact your Higher Self and to access who you truly are. Once you have reconnected to this vital sense of Self, your insights can be put into practice in everyday life.

Reversed Orange Phantom forms when Carnelian fuses around Quartz and offers insight into one's inner workings and the true meaning of life. Carry this stone for long-term sustenance and vitality. Pinpointing the site and subtle cause of dis-ease, Reverse Orange Phantom enables taking control of your life.

Red Phantom is an inclusion of Limonite, Hematite and/or Kaolinite. Useful for healing breaks in the biomagnetic sheath and removing energy implants, this Phantom re-energizes the lower chakras and synthesizes these with the solar plexus to release emotional pain or past-life trauma and heal emotional dysfunction. Red Phantom is particularly useful for encouraging creativity. By allowing you to feel what was blocked out and repressed in childhood in order to survive, it reconnects to your joy, healing your inner child' - additional stones may be required. This stone imparts tranquility to your mind and energizes the physical body. Chinese Red Phantom, formed from Hematite, overcomes despair and restores the life-force and vitality to the body. This Phantom induces perseverance and overcomes frustration. Used by earth healers, it stabilizes the planet. Enhancing financial security, it is helpful in business.

Blue Phantom enhances telepathic communication between people or earth and the spiritual realms. This stone facilitates multi-dimensional travel, knowledge-retrieval and divination. In making you feel a part of the perfect whole, this stone helps in reaching out to others with compassion and tolerance. Blue Phantom is helpful for ameliorating anger and anxiety. It supports the throat, endocrine and metabolic systems, and the spleen and blood vessels.

Smoky Phantom activates the past-life chakras and assists in retrieving and reframing traumatic memories. A useful entity' remover, Smoky Phantom Quartz takes you back to your original soul group', linking into the purpose of the group's incarnations. It assists in identifying and attracting members of your soul group in the present life to fulfill your karmic or spiritual task and teaches that experiences cannot be judged from an earthly perspective. If negative energies or imperatives have intervened in your group purpose, a Smoky Phantom removes these, taking the group back to its original intention. The Phantom goes to before a problem or pattern originated to reconnect to a state of wholeness and harmony.

Pink Phantom promotes peace and self-love. It assists empathetic communication between friends or lovers; or you and a spirit guide or Higher Self This stone facilitates accepting life as it is - and making changes, when appropriate, that enable finding fulfillment. If two healers are working at a distance, it provides a strong link, stimulating telepathy and providing spiritual protection. It is beneficial for overcoming restriction, abandonment, betrayal or alienation and supports the heart and assists lupus and auto-immune diseases.


Desirite is white with orange, brown, white and blue Phantoms. Resonating to the master number 44, the number of metamorphosis, Desirite assists transmutation on all levels and a re-cognition of the interweaving of the divine with the spiritual. Its different- coloured Phantoms form a ladder for ascension'. Dubbed the 'as above so below stone', it reflects physical and spiritual reality. Rubbing your thumb up the crystal takes you into profound meditative states. Strongly grounding', this stone moves to a high vibration', each level being accessed successively, the first linking to Native America and Lemuria, and the second to Egypt. Perfect for angel and Ascended Master' work, Desirite accesses lives far back in the history of the planet. Although a powerful healing tool for those who are attuned to it, Oesirite does not work well as part of a healing layout; it is best used alone or to realign and rebalance after a healing session. Desirite works beyond the physical to clear old soul patterns, the core cause of hearing disorders, and to create multi-dimensional cellular healing. See also the properties of the individual colours of Phantom Quartz, as this stone synergizes the energy of them all. 

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