Crystal Therapy

SPIRIT ENERGY WAVESEvery physical form is a unique pattern, developed by electrical energy which permeates the atmosphere. Ancient alchemists and primitive shamans knew this to be true; however, quantum physicists only recently discovered that if matter is broken into smaller and smaller pieces (electrons, protons, etc.). it eventually reaches a point when it is no longer an object but a wave of energy. When matter is bro- ken down again and again, it has no dimension and cannot be measured in earth terms.' This might seem an astonishing theory to one whose consciousness is limited to outer appearances, but under such constricted mental conditions one sees what one expects to see. When our minds are open, anything can hap- pen. We can expect the unexpected because we have eliminated the barriers created by shallow mental constructs. The world in which we live is no longer static when our thoughts, perceptions, and impressions are in synchronistic harmony with the cosmic rhythms of Nature and the Earth. Even more surprising than the fact that the universe is made of energy waves, there is evidence that indicates that the only time energy waves ever become matter is when we are looking at them! When we are not looking at them, they remain as waves of energy" This latest finding reiterates what shamans and alchemists have known all along: only conscious perception alters reality as we know it. Nothing is static. The Earth is a vast sea of vibrating energy Everything vibrates to the rhythm of the cosmos. The universe is alive and flexible, if we know when not to look.

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