Crystal Therapy


Amber, yellow or whitish-yellow                 


Clear, blade-like double-terminated crystal            


Available from mineral suppliers and crystal shops              


Tennessee (United States)           

ATTRIBUTES Named for its multi- and inter-dimensional properties and for its perceived ability to link to spaceships and extra-terrestrials, the double terminations of Stellar Beam Calcite channel a dual beam of powerful energy that lifts to an exceedingly high vibration' and, on the soma or stellar gateway chakras, facilitates travel across vast distances in time and space. It is excellent in the centre of the medicine wheel.

Spiritually, on the third eye or crown chakra, this stone opens the higher crown and soul star chakras and facilitates attunement to divine energy, higher guidance and elevated levels of consciousness. Taking you directly into the heart of All That Is', it lights the way back and assists in remembering what happens in outer or inner dimensions', accelerating spiritual growth. Stellar Beam Calcite takes you to the galactic centre' to anchor the upper end of a cosmic anchor', but requires a lower-vibration stone, such as Calcite Fairy Stone, to anchor into the earth's core,

Psychologically, it assists in breaking old patterns, including spiritual beliefs or pathways that no longer serve your purpose, and moving forward on your soul path, It takes you to the 'planning meeting' in the between-life state' to ascertain your soul purpose and the life you were born to live and brings forward wisdom and skills from the far past, It attunes to your soul group' and the higher purpose of the group,

Emotionally, Stellar Beam Calcite helps you to immerse yourself in mutual love, desire and tenderness, An amplifier and purifier of energy, this stone cleanses anything negative picked up during spiritual journeying' or healing work,

HEALING Works beyond the physical level of being to heal the soul, aligning and integrating energies into subtle bodies' and healing the etheric blueprint',

POSITION Hold or place as appropriate, Grid to encourage extra-terrestrial contact or to create sacred space,


Starburst Dogstooth Calcite disperses blockages, connects you to the infinity of All That Is and takes you travelling through past, present or future lives on earth or with the stars to map your overall soul purpose, It can be used to stabilize brain patterns in epilepsy, ameliorate vertigo or tinnitus and restore the etheric body following drug abuse or the side effects of prescription drugs.



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