Crystal Therapy


Green and white                 


Mossy opaque stone        


Easily obtained    


South America  

ATTRIBUTES Connecting to nature and to the earth, Rainforest Jasper unites the earth, base and spleen chakras to create emotional stability. Spiritually, if you have gone astray at a soul level, this stone takes you back to your roots to re-anchor yourself and reassess your situation objectively. Re-activating herbal-healing knowledge from the far past, this natural healer draws attention to the action of plants and passes on such knowledge, especially through the female line. This stone accesses ancestral matriarchs to reconnect to the family myths and wisdom by which they lived.

Psychologically, with its ability to pause the mind and encourage you to accept yourself as you are without needing to change, this stone of being facilitates moving effortlessly back into balance. It encourages deep self-respect for yourself and others.

Mentally, Rainforest Jasper offers objectivity, clarity, imagination and practical creativity. Emotionally, it encourages stability and pragmatism.

Physically and environmentally, this stone balances humidity, creating conditions neither too damp nor overly dry. It is especially useful for improving cellular memory'.

HEALING Beneficial for cellular memory, flu, colds, susceptibility to damp, viral infections and fluid imbalances.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.



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