Descriptions for SEO


Descriptions for SEO

SEO For Website Design

If you are planning to make a website of your own or for your company then the Search Engine Optimisation should begin right from the conception of the website design. The website can be designed and planned to cater for the requirements of the search engines right in the planning stages, rather than blindly building a site and then later trying to tweak it to optimise it for the search engines. That would be a very tedious thing to do, believe me. Therefore, planning and designing a website plays a very important role in search engine optimisation techniques.

Since the website design is where it all starts, this chapter will deal with issues which need to be tackled first at the time of site design and development so that one does not have to keep tampering with the design very often. If you do not have a website or do not even intend to have one, you must still go through this chapter since it will give you a deeper understanding about the effect the design can have on your site performance. It should be understood that the idea is not to game with the search engine but to assist it in understanding and navigating through your website, effectively and efficiently.


Before we proceed any further, here are some things that you will need to keep in mind while designing your website. Now, it may happen that during your interaction with others or while browsing the net you might come across some statements like, "a particular factor is dead and not being considered at all by search engines anymore. "But don't get carried away by such statements and make sure to implement the issues irrespective, since no one knows when a particular factor will assume more weightage in the constantly changing algorithms of the search engine. There was a time when Google had separate algorithm being used for all the ten results on a search engine result page. You really do not want to miss out, just because you were plain lazy and took shortcuts. So to avoid any pitfalls later, make sure that you incorporate all the basic requirements of the search engines in the website design in the planning stage itself. 

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